wondering what went wrong in computer

  tnlady 1946 20:14 27 Aug 2018

Yesterday when I plugged in my computer and turned it on, when the screen came up it had something stating Ameritreads. It had instructions to press all these F this and that. On the bottom it did have to enter set up press F1. so I took a chance and after that, the windows logo came up and my desktop after that. I don't know what is wrong to cause this. My setting on Microsoft windows shows everything is ok. It happened again this morning when I turned on the computer, so I suppose it isn't going to change. Why would the Dell logo stop working when turned on and this Ameritreads page come up? Is any harm caused from this? Has anyone had this to happen? What is the Ameritreads?

  wee eddie 20:51 27 Aug 2018

Are you sure that have spelled it right. It sounds like something to do with the Mother Board.

  MJS WARLORD 21:06 27 Aug 2018

unless you have made a mistake in your typing ameritreads is I tire (tyre) company

  wee eddie 22:15 27 Aug 2018

I think that this is what we're after AMI (American Megatrends)

  Menzie 23:33 27 Aug 2018

Sounds like the CMOS battery is flat and the computer isn't retaining the settings. How old is the computer in question?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:36 28 Aug 2018

Agreed AMI BIOS page opening due to flat CMOS battery

They are easy enough to change CR2032 coin battery. If you are prepared to take the side cover off the PC.

  wee eddie 11:37 28 Aug 2018

Google, 'Change CMOS Battery' and there are plenty of short Videos available to show you how to do it. Suitable batteries are available in most large Supermarkets

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