Wondering if anyone can help me with my SD CARD

  Deepikanayyar 15:10 04 Oct 2017

Wondering if anyone can help me. I can't gain access to my memory card and it says RAW primary partition. I have downloaded softwares such recuva, icare etc. The softwares are just saying no data found. When I put my memory card in it wants me to format it but I have data on there which i need. Mainly pictures and videos.

  Jollyjohn 15:31 04 Oct 2017

What device was the memory card used in?

If you put it back in that device can you see the images?

If you can see the images, try using a cable to transfer them off the card.

  Deepikanayyar 16:10 04 Oct 2017

HTC A9 and no when i put my memory card back in my phone it says please reinsert and cannot access my gallery

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:50 04 Oct 2017

try using campic restor this zip file will dowload campic restor which is freee and very good at recovering photos fom camera / phone cards.

  Deepikanayyar 23:08 04 Oct 2017

I tried that and no luck :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:45 05 Oct 2017

See How to Recover Data from RAW SD Card or Other RAW External Devices from here using minitool power data recovery

  Deepikanayyar 11:38 05 Oct 2017

still no luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:11 06 Oct 2017

Now we're struggling Easus is said to work but if the others have'nt I doubt if this will.

Test disk is a very good recovery program but is not easy to use tutorial here

  Deepikanayyar 11:50 06 Oct 2017

I tried using test disk but could not get it to work, it kept saying I am missing a file.

  Jollyjohn 12:33 06 Oct 2017

What file is missing, does it tell you?

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