A wonderful piece of garbage..

  Stuartli 17:09 05 Mar 2005

...in an e-mail pretending to have been sent by Microsoft:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

"We kindly ask you to install this update to your PC as soon as possible.

"In the libraries of OS Windows® critical errors have been found. This errors lead to destruction of the system files from your computer without an opportunity on restoration.

"The given service-pack fixes libraries and does not allow various Trojan modules to penetrate into your computer.

Yours Faithfully,
Microsoft INC"

The "update" file has naturally been despatched to where it deserves but, no doubt, those unfortunately not au fait with such matters may well be caught out.

  seedie 17:19 05 Mar 2005

yeh and I had a phone call from MBNA wanting me to take out card insurance even though they know I'm retired. I 'm quite quite sure it was a legimate mistake :))

  Chezdez 17:26 05 Mar 2005

i never got that e-mail. could it be that only YOUR version of windows is affected?!?

  Dorsai 18:02 05 Mar 2005

Along the lines of

"Dear Sir, attached is a Virus/trojan/worm. Please install it on your PC so it can Email it self to all your contracts in OE, then trash your OS and erase your Bios.

Yours Faithfully,

A :censored:"

I keep getting fake e-bay mails at the moment. I have got so fed up with 3 a day that any mail with Ebay in the subject is now rejected by thunderbird, and erased from the server, without being downloaded.

As you say, pity those who fall for it.

  Stuartli 18:07 05 Mar 2005

It's wonderful to watch Thunderbird sweeping away all those Viagra etc e-mails without having to lift a finger....:-)

  Alan2 19:15 05 Mar 2005

Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject.

  Audeal 19:30 05 Mar 2005

Stuartli. I don't think that Viagra referes to lifting your "finger".

  Stuartli 21:36 05 Mar 2005


  Chezdez 10:55 06 Mar 2005

the e-mail is a wonderful piece of garbage.... sarcasm?

  Salinger 10:58 06 Mar 2005

If you REALLY want a copy of this email I'm sure Stuartli can oblige!

  Stuartli 11:45 06 Mar 2005

In fairness, Chezdez is actually pointing alan2 in the right direction..:-)

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