wondered if this is a record

  raytheman 21:11 07 Sep 2003

Hi just wondering if this is a record for the number of virus`s found on a computer,on a friends conputer this week went to his place he has nortons antivirus,and told me he could not get it to work.
I removed it and installed AVG antivirus and ran it, it found one thousand one hundred and fifty three virus,and he wondered why his computer was so slow and nortons antivirus would not work.
Anyone else seen anything like this,must admit it was a shock for me to see so many on one computer,the max I have ever seen on my computer was 3.
It`s working now but took a hell of a time to sort it all out.

  Legolas 21:17 07 Sep 2003

Are you sure that he had one thousand one hundred and fifty three viruses was that not the number of files infected. I had over 500 files infected by a virus last week but it was only one virus infecting all the files.

  3Toed 21:23 07 Sep 2003

You could well do,if norton wasn't kept upto date,as clearly this wasnt.People reading this post who dont know enough about virus protection,and were thinking about a purchase may see norton as a dumb piece of software,when its one of the best,along with a few others i might say,on the market today.Sorry,but got to say,a bit of a pointless post really.

  raytheman 21:52 07 Sep 2003

Hi 3 toed,
He never updated it or ran it regually,have now reinstalled norton and told him too keep it updated and run it often.
and yes it was one thousand one hundred and fifty three virus`s.
Now has zero virus because I ran it to make sure it was free of all virus`s,as I told him always update,and run it often,lots don`t and wonder why the computer is running slower and slower,and as we all know virus`s try to knock antivirus`s,out first.

  mammak 22:23 07 Sep 2003

Hi folks really dont wont to start anthor, banter at what is right or wrong so will try my best to put it across as best i can.
on my 98se comp bought Norton 2003 AV and installed i have the disc (above board may i say)
well as i dont use the 98se for internet well once in a while but aim to give it to my daughter,
if i uninstalled from my 98, would i be doing any thing wrong in insalling it in my xp pro machine, thing is my pccillian that came with my xp has now timed out , so i dont feel very safe, and if it was ok for me to go ahead would i uninstall pc cillian before hand, in hope Mammak

  spuds 22:24 07 Sep 2003

Every month, my local PCW display a chart showing how many computers have been infected with virus's, that have been brought in for a PCW health check.Usually quite a few, so your friend is not alone with keeping upto date with virus control.

  3Toed 22:36 07 Sep 2003

A bit harsh before'raytheman'-apologies.Its a better post now though,as it has helped to keep the novices informed on how important it is to keep upto date with the virus definitions that are sent using 'live updates'

  mammak 12:08 08 Sep 2003

raytheman,can just say sorry about the above post
it should have been a new thread of my own i dont know how it happend, i must have been looking at yours and not come of it to start my own lol, sorry again. Mammak

  Jester2K II 12:13 08 Sep 2003

"one thousand one hundred and fifty three virus`s." What ALL Different? Or as Legolas asked just 1150 infected files.

I've seen 6 different viruses on one PC at the same time and the most infected files was 85 or so...

But 1150 is quite a lot of individual viruses.... Where did they all come from????

  spikeychris 12:13 08 Sep 2003

Are you sure that he had one thousand one hundred and fifty three viruses??? was that not the number of files infected?

  spikeychris 12:14 08 Sep 2003


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