Woe, woe and thrice woe!..The scanner from hell!

  six-h 18:45 16 Mar 2008

I was somewhat previous in declaring my "by the book" installation of my dratted scanner as a success.
I'm back on the merry-go-round of "Found New Hardware", "Insert Disk" re-start your computer,
"Found New Hardware", "Insert Disk" re-start your computer....ad infinitum.

  woodchip 18:49 16 Mar 2008

type into seach twain, to see if a driver as been loaded. also try scanner in other usb socket's not through a hub but direct into usb, and then run cd

  six-h 19:12 16 Mar 2008

Somewhere along the way, IT, (My PC.)started telling me it couldn't find "Twonk-16.dll"
I searched for it, and found 2 entries, one in the Sys32/Twain folder for the scanner, and one in prog files/ Abby FineReader.
FineReader is the bundled OCR software.
So the damn thing is there, IT just won't see it.
The USB I use is a direct one on the back of my PC, and is the same one that I've used for 5 years.
It doesn't seem to like being moved, I accidentally did that once, and it took quite a while to settle down again!
Sorry for the delay in posting, damn machine keeps freezing.

  six-h 19:12 16 Mar 2008

that should have read "Twonk_16.dll"

  woodchip 19:23 16 Mar 2008

Twain is the Word. Your scanner will load it's own Twain from the Install CD. What you found is the Windows one.

As above is it plugged direct into a PC USB socket? not a USB Hub. As it may not see it through the Hub.

  six-h 19:37 16 Mar 2008

Yep, direct into the back of my PC.
So.. Twonk is the windows generic driver?
Wish I could disable it so that it could see only the manufacturers driver!
I thought that I'd managed it when following the book to the letter, unplugging the USB lead, instead of the easier to get at power lead to the scanner, but either one foxes the PC into believing that the scanner isn't there anymore, and the end result is a temporary installation using the proper driver, this evaporates as soon as I power the PC down.

  woodchip 19:41 16 Mar 2008

TRy it this way, Copy the Installation CD to the desktop. Restart your compter in Safe Mode by keep tapping F5 or F8 as it starts. In windows look for setup file in the copy on the deskyop and double click it

  TonyV 19:43 16 Mar 2008

Sorry to hear you are still having problems with the setup of your scanner. If you look here
click here It shows you how I managed to get over the problem I had, but the next time I used it, when I had the new machine, I struggled more than somewhat to get it to function properly. It functioned OK, but would not stay "connected", but I could get it to "connect" via one of the programmes that came with the original disc. But the bit about compatibility may help.


  six-h 22:26 16 Mar 2008

Just to let you know, for some inexplicable reason, it's behaving its self now.
As you perhaps know, I'm suffering fairly frequent freezes in IE7, necessitating hard shutdowns, and despite suffering 3 or4 of these in the past couple of hours, the scanner has installed good as gold with its own driver!!
I won't hold my breath though but consider this second plea for help as "Resolved"!
Thanks one and all!

  TonyV 19:18 17 Mar 2008

Something about the marvels of modern technology!! Glad it's up and running again.


  woodchip 19:43 17 Mar 2008

Yep glad to see you sorted it

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