Wobbly display

  Peter T 15:54 26 Feb 2004

I have a monitor problem: "wobbly" display.
The picture starts off stable but then "wobbles"
until eventually it is almost unwatchable.
I've already tried the usual suggested cures: reinstalling drivers, upping refresh rates, checking for loose cables, moving speakers, etc). Also, it seems to get worse the longer the PC is left on, and it is MORE stable at high res (1024 x 768) than medium (800 x 600) or low (VGA) - I would have thought that if it was a problem with the graphics card, it would be the other way round?
Is it most likely to be the graphics card (an old S3 Virge PCI card), or the monitor? (They are both about 4 yeats old, so due for replacement anyway!)

  Valvegrid 17:36 26 Feb 2004

Are you able to try the monitor on another computer, or the computer with another monitor. This will find out which is the culprit. From the fault you describe it is probably the monitor, if the wobble slowly goes up or down it sounds like mains hum on the picture, one of the internal components are starting to breakdown, that's why it gets worse as it warms up.

Sorry about the bad news because 4 years old is not that old, I'm using a lot older monitor here, luck of the draw I supose.

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