WMP10 Starts up automatically

  dontaskme 10:18 11 Nov 2004

Windows media player 10 loads up when i switch the pc on. It's only recently started doing this and i can't find anything in msconfig or in options. I've searched the net and found i'm not the only one, but didn't find a solution.

Any suggestions?

  Jdoki 11:36 11 Nov 2004

I've not heard of this, and I'm flying blind here as I'm at work and can't test this...

But, could .wav files have somehow become associated with Media Player 10?

Does your PC play the 'Windows jingle' when it starts? If so, is it before or after Media Player 10 loads?

I find it very unlikely it is this, but might be worth checking.

Also, have you checked Start -> Programs -> Startup to see if there is anything in there that might be triggering Media Player?

Also, have you checked the Microsoft Knowledge Base on their website?

  Stuartli 13:00 11 Nov 2004

The main reason is still most likely to be found via misconfig or AutoPlay has been set incorrectly for your drive.

WMP10 might also be trying to go online to update but this is unlikely as you have no immediate connection.

I've never experienced this problem, however, so these are basic possibilities.

  dontaskme 19:29 12 Nov 2004

Thanks for the suggestions. Still appears before the music, the music plays, but not through wmp10 and then it freezes for about 15 seconds before i can close it.

  dontaskme 18:03 13 Nov 2004

When it started up this time, i checked the running processes before closing wmp10. I noticed monitor.exe was running, which i had assumed was a virus in a different thread:

click here

I clicked 'end process' and wmp10 closed, so i assume the two problems are related. I'll post a solution on this thread if i find one.

  dontaskme 19:15 13 Nov 2004

I deleted the file monitor.exe which was in the windows folder. WMP10 doesn't load up at the start now (works fine), but a error message saying "cannot find monitor.exe" appears instead, so i haven't solved the actual problem. Nothing strange in the startup, or virus scanners.

Where should i look?

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