wmp10 and DRM

  Emmodd 20:57 15 Jan 2006

Having had numerous problems with this player over the past few days I decided to do a fresh install. HAving installed the player, i've found that whilst it will play video content stored on my hard drive, as soon as i put a DVD in, I get a message referring to the fact that an problem occurred with the digital copyright protection. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how can I sort it out?

  QuickHare 22:44 15 Jan 2006

After looking in the troubleshooter, Windows Media Player does not come with a component called a "decoder". For the benefit of those who may not know what it is, a DVD scrambles the data on the disc when it is being recorded. The reasons are various, but Windows Media Player (WMP) does not come with software to decode it again. To do that, Microsoft would have to pay for the software rights to add the decoder, which it deems unnecessary as not everyone with a DVD player plays movie discs (meaning it's not worth supplying it on every WMP) and most people get a CD with the drive which has a player on it.

If you have a disc with a DVD player on it (such as CyberLinks' PowerDVD), you should install that and run it to set up the decoder. You can always switch back to WMP after if you wish.

If you already have this installed, then maybe it needs removing and reinstalling after WMP is set up on the system.

  Emmodd 23:42 15 Jan 2006

Tried it but hasn't worked.

  Emmodd 13:24 16 Jan 2006

Anyone else?

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