WMP won't shut down, can't delete, HELP Please

  Helene 16:08 03 Feb 2009

Does anyone know what to do about the WMP constantly opening itself up. Cannot delete in CP/add-remove programs (wmp11 is there), wmp 9 keeps opening. Tried removing then re-installing wmp11.

I have tried to delete it, won't work.
I am getting ready for Tax season (ERO reg. with IRS, 35 yrs) have 25 clients. When the wmp keeps opening, you cannot do anything, write email, work in any program, play games.

This seemed to start mid Dec, when I tried to download free music from Ophrah site. I looked for the songs, everywhere, but could not find them.

I have ran several scans, Malwavebytes, use AVG, and ZA, and Win Patrol, ran registry 7 mechanic, updated all programs,pest patrol, CCCleaner, Window washer, still it keeps popping up.

I have read through cnet, and other computer help sites, and I have read many others since 04 have had the same problems, but no one seems to know how to stop this.

WMP, will not play music, file, helps,tools, these will not pull down so you can use these. Same with other programs when wmp keeps opening.

Have paid for a computer man, but he didn't know how to stop it, except to re-install WIN XP svc pk 2, Home edition. I don't have an extra month to re-install all the programs I use in the tax season. I have 4 clients data here now.

Please e-mail me, or send immediate help. All the things on cnet, other sites, I have already tried. Thanking you kindly, for any idea's you might have.

Yes, I even got rid of my wireless mouse, and re-installed the corded mouse, still no change.

I am getting ready after I send this, to run updates for all the drivers.

Keep it simple, I am nearly 65, and have some knowledge of computers, going into C:\ checking everything out, to see if something is there that is not to be, after others said to check this and that.

I have Win 7, for IE.It has not opened right now, usually opens soon as I boot computer up; but other times like here, it will pop up, then I cannot even write anywhere.

Thank you, God Bless you each richly. Helene Of OKC.

  Pamy 16:13 03 Feb 2009

try to uninstall it with Revo Unistaller Google Reveo

  Pamy 16:17 03 Feb 2009

sorry, click here

  Helene 19:54 03 Feb 2009

Thank you sweetie, I have several downloads that I will try tonight. For some reasons, the WMP has not opened today, for the last 4 hrs, so will hurry and post checks. A week ago, it also was not showing for several hours.

Again, thank you. Is this program also like a registry fix? I use Reg 7 Mechanic. I also used RegCure, it found 421 errors, but without buying it would not fix anything. Don't know how good of a program this is to buy at Office Depot.

I also run Malwarebytes, and even though it shows no errors, for some reason it holds back the media player for more hours, strange huh?

God Bless you, Helene

  Pamy 22:48 03 Feb 2009

Revo will uninstall the program that you tell it to

  gazzaho 23:18 03 Feb 2009

I don't think Revo will work, Media Player is part of windows like Internet Explorer, it doesn't show up in Revo or add/remove windows components.

Have you tried a system restore to perhaps the start of December to try to rectify the problem? I've no idea why it would keep starting up like that but I googled it and found this click here it might help to download highjack click here this and do a scan and see if a line like this "C:\WINDOWS\system32\Explorer.exe" shows up in your log file.

  Sea Urchin 00:31 04 Feb 2009

Both Windows Media Player (and Internet Explorer) show up in Add/Remove Programs

  Les28 08:33 04 Feb 2009

Looking at item 13, under Windows media player 9 section

click here

or here Quote: at foot of page

click here

This is MS suggested uninstall for wmp11

click here

  interzone55 09:08 04 Feb 2009

You're half right.

You can remove any WMP updates via Add/Remove programs - ie if your PC came with WMP 10 and you update to WMP 11 you can remove 11 and restore 10. You cannot remove the Windows Media Player components.

I don't use IE, so I've not updated from IE6 to IE7, you may be able to downgrade via Add/Remove programs just as you can WMP.

You cannot remove Internet Explorer using Add/Remove programs, but you can de-select it as the default browser.

The reason you can't remove these programs is because they're integral to the operating system. All the Explorer windows (directories, control panel etc) use IE to render the contents. The desktop uses IE to render the shadows under icons. Without IE XP & Vista would look like Windows 95. Which some may think would be a good thing...

  Sea Urchin 10:06 04 Feb 2009

I didn't say that you could remove IE - I simply said that it is listed in Add/Remove Programs. And depending on your setup if you click "remove" it rolls back to the previous edition.

  gazzaho 14:02 04 Feb 2009

Nice one Les28, it does seem to be a trojan causing the trouble. I never found the uninstall method myself, but it was late and I was tired, that's the excuse I'm using anyway lol.

Sea Urchin
I was simply stating that WMP cannot be removed through conventional means as suggested by Pammy, although I never considered a roll back option.

Helene I hope this information helps you anyway.

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