WMP "Paste art here"

  Yimbo 23:36 28 Dec 2011

Most of the albums in my Windows Media Player library have a picture of the album concerned - thus clearly identifying it.

Many however are blank - showing the words "Paste Art Here"

How do I do this, please?

  rdave13 23:43 28 Dec 2011

Depends on the camera's metadata I think. If no metadata supplied by the image (especially if shot in digital magnifying mode) then matadata is nil on the lower end cameras. Simply do not use an image but make the title clear.

  rdave13 23:45 28 Dec 2011

I use Win 7 so only from my experience from that OS.

  rdave13 23:54 28 Dec 2011

Oops on two forums at the time so my answer is incorrect,sorry. If the albums are ripped from genuine Albums then there should be no problems with the metadata.

  Yimbo 00:08 29 Dec 2011

Thanks folks for your responses!

I was thinking more in terms of just using some of my owm photos to put on the otherwise blank albums! Can this be done?

  Yimbo 10:28 29 Dec 2011

Thanks Lazarus The 2nd - - I'll give it a go and see!

What I want to do is not exactly important - but it would make the WMP library look better, and items more clear!

I appreciate your help!

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