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WMP connect a burner and restart the player!!!

  Anon-542089 10:22 10 Jan 2020

Hello and good morning to you all. I am hoping that I can get some immediate help here. I have 2 laptops running windows 10, 1 is mine and one for a freind. The laptops do not have optical cd drives, so I have a portable cd burner. I an trying to rip some music for a friend using Windows media player. I have inserted the cd with music into windows media player, and it has copied ALL the music to windows media player with no issues whatsoever. Now I have inserted a blank cd and rip the songs and it tells me: Connect a burner and restart the player. I have tried a few things online to no avail, and this is the same problem on BOTH laptops......please advice on a solution. I know for a fact that the portable cd is just play and play and windows recognizes once it has been connected. I am totally baffled here. Any help would be much appreciated

  Anon-319210 14:21 10 Jan 2020

Make and model of portable CD burner?

Some of the steps here for a HP work for any model especially the bit about upper and lower filters. click here

  Anon-542089 17:31 10 Jan 2020

Hello and good evening. Issue FINALLY sorted. There seem to be some problems when connecting certain brands of external cd burners in windows 10. I have now connected a Liteon CD burner and itunes recognized it immediately.

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