WMP 11 Playlist of mp3s to CD-How?

  hawthorn59 01:10 01 Aug 2008

Ok I better explain the cryptic question! i created a playlist of 70 songs in mp3 format. I simply want to put (not burn) them to a CD to play on a CD player that plays mp3s.

When I used to use iTunes all I had to do (as far as I remember) was r click, copy, and paste them to the cd. That way there was no burning, no finalizing of cd and it could be added to if required at a later stage.

The only way I could find, after googling, was to burn a data cd in WMP11. But wont this mean I cant add to the cd, etc.

All I want to do is move, drag, copy/paste whatever, the 70 mp3s from the playlist to the CD.

I CAN do it if I go to the original file location (My Music) but the playlist isnt there, the files are all over the place!

After finally choosing WMP11 over Media Monkey and iTunes, Im beginning to wonder if it was wise.....



  hawthorn59 13:40 02 Aug 2008

Sorry for bumping this--snyone any ideas?


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