WMM just deleted my file...Aghhhhhhhhh

  awest3 18:45 30 Mar 2010

I just tried to publish a wedding movie in Windows Movie Maker to DVD and it failed with a Catastrophic error. No problem just go back and try again.....but all the files (just spent 8 hours creating them ) have gone..!! I can probably restore to about 10 this morning...but what happened..! I've never known an application to delete the working files even if a massive error occurs. When I try to open them in WMM (it still shows an entry) it can't find them ...nor can I..I've searched both drives..I'd saved a version from last week and its still there..which is version 3..but no sign of version 4...is there some magic that I can use to recover..? I've tried recuvra and it did not find anything....any assistance greatly appreciated...

  northumbria61 18:57 30 Mar 2010

Try this Freeware first.

click here

  rawprawn 19:00 30 Mar 2010

Worth a try click here Everything, in case it has not deleted your file completely.
Download and search for your file.
It is a brilliant program in it's own right.
Good luck.

  awest3 19:09 30 Mar 2010

running it now...but I'm not hopeful it just seems to have disappeared and as if its never even been there....

  awest3 19:12 30 Mar 2010

Thanks I'll try that next....I'm non-plussed to say the least...is there something about WMM files that I should know....I'd rather recover this if I can..if not its a system restore to this morning (keeping my fingers crossed) and start again....

  awest3 19:16 30 Mar 2010

Paretologic has found a version from the 28th March...but its still looking...so may find a later version...

  awest3 23:08 30 Mar 2010

paretologic still running...I'll leave it overnight..and check in the morning and report back

  Woolwell 23:44 30 Mar 2010

I doubt that system restore will help as it doesn't recover data.
However have you looked where WMM keeps its temporary files see click here and where the files are saved.

  Chas49 23:53 30 Mar 2010

Awest3: Try downloading this file an d installing it. I have found files on disk and flash card long after they were forgotten. click here

  Chas49 23:54 30 Mar 2010

It should work if you have accidentaly deleted it abd haven't saved anything else in the meantime.

  awest3 08:06 31 Mar 2010

paretologic still running and so far its found two copies of the file from 18:00 last night..I'll try to recover them when its finished.

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