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WMI Provider Host Using Too Much CPU

  Bloodshot_pico 07:20 13 Apr 2019

Hello so recently I've noticed that an application called "WMI Provider Host" has been sat at around 52% CPU usage for every 5 seconds and then goes all the way back down to something like 0% and does this like every minute or so I've looked around to see what could be the cause and found out that Event viewer was the way to go.

However after having Avast and Malwarebytes exclude certain things from my machine it seems to have gotten me no where and I'm quite stumped and annoyed to why this is happening, as most would be. So I'm reaching out to anyone who would be able to possibly help me at all into hopefully squashing this fat thing being a huge nuisance for me.

Thanks for reading and the help in advance. ~Blood

  Bloodshot_pico 09:03 13 Apr 2019

Never mind I figured out it was a Razer problem, thanks razer yet again your software screws your clients. <3

Never go with them. ;)

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