ZEUSII 19:23 05 Feb 2004

Hope someone can help.
I have Nero 5.5 and have downloaded the wma plugin. I have unchecked the protect content box in Windows Media Player but whenever I try to burn wma files either on their own or with amix of mp3's i get the messege 'these wma files cannot be burned because they are protected' !!! I've been in touch with Nero and all they say is to uncheck the protect box .... er... which i've already done. Anyone had similar probs or any ideas how i can unprotect wma files???
My system is XP Home, 30GB, 256mhz

  Dazwm 19:26 05 Feb 2004

Try converting the wma to mp3s using
click here

works great.

  ZEUSII 20:07 05 Feb 2004

Cheers dazwm, i was hoping to burn wma directly, but you could be right, converting maybe my only option (tho why Nero bother having a plugin thats this tempremental seems daft)

  ton 20:18 05 Feb 2004

I burn wma with Nero and no problems, although I usually store them on my HD first. I do convert them with Nero.
Could your problem be anything to do with Media Player's digital rights management I wonder? I have mine turned off.

  ThePharcyde007 20:18 05 Feb 2004

using windows media player prompts u if you want to disable coping them due to copyright laws. u must have chosen to turn it on when u installed media player

  tafoody 20:19 05 Feb 2004

the problem is when you used WMP to convert CD to WMA, it was then that you should of had the 'copy protect' unchecked.

you would have to delete the WMA files, and the licences that windows has stored and begin again.

  ZEUSII 21:25 05 Feb 2004

thanks all .... mmmmm, i'm not at my home Pc at the moment but i'm pretty sure that copy protect is unchecked all the time (thats why are can't understand why i'm having these problems). ThePharcyde007, the Nero guy said something similar to you, but WMP was preinstalled on my system so i've never had to uncheck any copyright restrictions (i thought i was doing that by unchecking protect content from the Tools > Options menu). Does this mean i'm going to have to uninstall WMP and then reinstall ?? (gulp! hope not!!)
cheers again people

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