WMA file to MP3

  Fyrebird1 20:30 29 Dec 2004

What is the easiest and quickest way to convert WMA files to MP3 as my iRiver music juke box isnt recognising lisenced wma files. Which is blimin annoying!!!

  TomJerry 20:32 29 Dec 2004

There is no program which can directly convert "lisenced" wma to mp3. This is the whole point of licence.

  Ironman556 20:36 29 Dec 2004

click here

It's free, small (1MB), and easy to use. The site often goes over it's transfer limit so if you can't get on email me and I'll send you the latest version 4.5V.

  Fyrebird1 20:45 29 Dec 2004

Hiya ive downloaded this but have 6 desktop items and im not sure which one to use to convert the wma to mp3.

  Ironman556 02:29 30 Jan 2005

If yopu've not already worked out how:

Open Simple MP3 Maker

Go to Otptions, then settings.

On the MP3 Encoder tab click next to wma, and selecty 160KBPS from the box at the side

Ok the box to go back to the main program.

Insert CD

In the step 1 box on the left select convert to MP3

In step 2 use cd/track info if you want to name the tracks. Then click output paths to set where to put the files you create.

Click start and let it get on with it.

  Ironman556 02:36 30 Jan 2005

Open the main program as above.

In the options, settings. Go to the encoder tab and select MP3 encoder, set the bit rate to 192 kbps, MPEG1, Stereo, and Fast Mode GOGO.dll.

Click ok to return to main program.

In Step 1 select Decode to wav.

Step 2 add the files you want to decode.

Hit start.

Repeat again, but this time you need wav to MP3 in step 1.

That should be everything you need, sorry for the slow reply been busy lately. Hope this is still of use.

  Mind-Meld 14:34 30 Jan 2005


If you mean music from a normal cd then rest assured you CAN convert WMA to MP3 quite easily, see below. However, if you are referring to DRM music downloads (the licensed types) in WMA format this will not work. Its frustrating I know but you need a license key and compatible hardware to do the latter, not all Iriver models are currently compatible.

I also have an IRiver (the H140 model) and quite frequently convert cd music from WMA to MP3 in order to edit and mix music and save on my IRiver disk space.

The programme I use is:

dBpowerAmp Music Converter 11.0 pop

Cut and paste this exactly in to the search box of a site called download.com.

This is the exact site:

click here

Its simplicity itself, I think its had over 6 millions downloads at time of writing.
Best thing of all is that it is completely free!!

I personally save my music on to my hard drive first then convert the ones I want to from here.

All the best.

  holly polly 14:49 30 Jan 2005

i personally use ace high converter which will convert about anythhingg though it is not free it is very good -hol pol...

  Baz48 15:08 30 Jan 2005

Windows Media Player 10 will convert WMA to Mp3. Don't know about the licensed stuff though.

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