WLM Version 2009

  David4637 15:35 17 Jan 2011

When I select Sync in WLM to get it to check for new emails, you don't get a dialog box like XP OE6 to show you its working through your different email acounts - say your ISP, Hotmail etc. Am I missing some option that should be ticked?
Thanks David

  Sea Urchin 15:57 17 Jan 2011

The send/receive box works differently in WLM - it does not usually display by default (although sometimes if you minimize the window after Syncing you will see it working away on your desktop)

To display it you need first to Sync - then immediately (you don't get much time) double-click the status bar (bottom right of the taskbar) and the window will open. It will close as soon as the mail is downloaded, but another click will open it again to show you a summary of your download (and it will then stay open until you close it).

Hope this makes sense - have a play with it and you'll find it works.

  Sea Urchin 16:09 17 Jan 2011

I said

"double-click the status bar (bottom right of the taskbar) and the window will open".

In fact it is the status bar at the bottom of the WLM window (above the taskbar)


  David4637 21:30 17 Jan 2011

I clicked the Sync button and pressed F5 and that brought up dialog box I was after.
Thanks David

  Sea Urchin 21:55 17 Jan 2011

F5 is the same as sync - so you could just key F5 twice

  David4637 13:33 18 Jan 2011

Thanks just pressing F5 once brings the email actions dialog box up.
Thanks again David

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