chippy+ 22:06 30 Jan 2006

Hi I have a file left over from outpost firewall called wl_hook.dll the file is in the event viewer I have tried to delete it but it is being used how can I get rid of it. thanks again Chippy

  chippy+ 22:54 30 Jan 2006

Hi VoG the unblocker got rid of the dll but the event viewer now says that that boot-start or system-start driver failed to load VFILT

  chippy+ 22:01 31 Jan 2006

Hi VoG sorry about the delay in replying i went into device managers hidden devices and found entries relating to outpost firewall:
outpost firewall kernel driver
ditto plugin ADBLOCK.DLL ARP.DLL CONTENT.DLL FTPFILT.DLL HTMFILT.DLL HTTPFILT.DLL IMAPFILT.DLL MAILFILT.DLL NNTPFILT.DLL POP3FILT.DLL PROTECT.DLL SECRET.DLL all of these entries are plugins and give the option of disable enable and uninstall should I uninstall all of these items as i no longer have outpost installed the kernell driver has a exclamation mark Cheers Chippy

  chippy+ 22:27 31 Jan 2006

hi VoG
I uninstalled using add and remove then went into c\programs files and search but it seams to leave items in device manager i was going to reinstall and install again but i have zone alarm installed and my network setup again and dont want to upset it by reinstalling outpost thanks Chippy

  woodchip 22:56 31 Jan 2006

Try this, In Run Type regedit press enter, go to Menu under Edit click find type outpost firewall Delete if it's the right one, next press F3 for next entry. Do this until you get to the end

  chippy+ 23:16 31 Jan 2006

the first one i tried is shown but when i try to delete it says error cannot delete will i have to uninstall them in device manager first

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