jonnytub 21:32 31 May 2004

I've just finished formatting and re-installing my pc after a dvd-rw failed on me. After fixing the problem with the drive i then set about setting my wireless connection back up. It's been a while since i last done it. I've can see files from both pc's, alter them, print them, etc. Howevever i've completely forgotten how to set my laptop up to connect to the net through my pc. It is configured through my antivirus ( i got that far) but as to what i do from here, well i've drawn a blank, i've completely forgot. Can anyone dust the rusty memory for me???

  jonnytub 21:33 31 May 2004

Sorry, here's what i'm running, xp pro on both machines, panda titanium av, wireless access point and wlan pc card (slot II)

  Charence 21:34 31 May 2004

On the host computer (one getting internet) go to Network Connections, right click on your Internet connection, go to PROPERTIES > click on the ADVANCED tab and select SHARE INTERNET CONNECTION.


  jonnytub 21:38 31 May 2004

thought it might be simple charence, but do i have to install the software from isp first ??? or does explorer just use the host pc ????

  jonnytub 21:42 31 May 2004

done what you said, and then installed the isp software from isp, it recognised the card as the network adaptor and i'm typing this (wirefree) from the sitting room (wahey, back up and running) excellent.

  jonnytub 21:45 31 May 2004

am i still protected by the firewall from the host as the laptop has no such software installed????

  jonnytub 22:11 31 May 2004


  VoG II 22:51 31 May 2004

Is there a router involved in this set-up?

  jonnytub 22:54 31 May 2004

did'nt know you were logged in. The access point is connected through my onboard ethernet adaptor

  VoG II 22:57 31 May 2004

So the internet connection is through the desktop PC which has a firewall, and the laptop has to go through that? In which case I think you're covered but wait for a second opinion.

  jonnytub 22:58 31 May 2004


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