WLAN activity

  daba 10:38 22 Dec 2006

Over the last couple of days I have noticed the WLAN light on my D-Link wireless router (a DSL-G604T) has started flashing, indicating some wireless traffic. My neighbour informs me he can "see" my router SSID. I have WEP enabled so there is no real danger of 'intrusion' or my connection usage.

I am also experiencing a lot of "This page cannot be displayed - Check network settings" type errors, sometimes I can't get past my ISP homepage. These errors disappear if I disable the Wireless Access Point in the router (i.e. kill the wireless).

I have the router set-up as detailed on the Tiscali help page.

Could it be that my router is somehow trying to get on the internet via his router ?

  LastChip 00:05 23 Dec 2006

Try changing the channel you're using. It may be you're getting interference from another source.

  daba 00:39 23 Dec 2006

I have tried many channels - especially the ones that don't "overlap" - 1, 7, and 13.

I find it strange he can see the SSID of my router, but I can't see his.

I'm on W2K - hes got XP, if that makes any difference.

I have (since posting) updated the router to the latest firmware, and I must say it does seem to be stable now, no dropouts this evening, but I am still seeing this WLAN led flashing, which I must admit is a little disconcerting, bearing in mind I have had the thing in front of me for 18 months or more, and its only just started happening.

  Jimmy14 14:00 23 Dec 2006

Try and change the settings in the router configuration page so that the SSID (name of your router) is not broadcasted

  irishrapter 16:19 23 Dec 2006

WEP encryption can be broken very easily.

Use WPA or better still if do not need or use the Wlan then turn if off.
Just turn it on if and when you need it.

You could also set it up so that your SID is hidden and enable the router to only allow your MAC address to access the router.

If you can go with WPA encryption with a large 60 character key from click here

  daba 15:06 17 Feb 2007

SSID hidden.
WPA enabled
Channel Changed
Access Restricted

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