pc_lover 17:52 10 Jan 2005

I have started using Broadband, but I am having difficulties with Wireless LAN. I started using dongles, and have swapped them for PCI cards. The connection sometimes works, and sometimes not! Does anyone have any advice?

  lossie 21:12 10 Jan 2005

what hardware are you using and what isp

  pc_lover 21:25 10 Jan 2005

ISP is ntlworld, and an unbranded wireless G router.

  Chezdez 21:29 10 Jan 2005

what sort of distance is there between the AP (access point) and the PC's? also how many PC's are there connected to the AP?

  pc_lover 21:31 10 Jan 2005

up to 20 feet, with 2 PCs connected.

  Chezdez 21:55 10 Jan 2005

well, 20 feet shouldn't really be far enough to disrupt the service
is there a microwave oven in your house? because even the slightest leak of power can totally mess up the connection. what's the actual model of the AP please, and where can i find the technical info on it

  pc_lover 22:13 10 Jan 2005

The AP model says - WLG-R4/UK

It says - "Smart Wireless G-Router with 4-LAN and 1-WAN port (240V)".

Would unplugging the microwave make a difference?

  lossie 07:57 11 Jan 2005

what operating system?

  pc_lover 08:58 11 Jan 2005


  Chezdez 16:12 11 Jan 2005

you could try unplugging the microwave, see it that makes any differnce
if its a 802.11b network (operating on 2.4GHz frequency) then even 1 watt of power leakage from the microwave can disrupt the signal

also, do you have any bluetooth devices in your house? bluetooth 'hops' all over the 2.4GHz many times per second, and that cause considerable disruption, hence the reason a lot of buildings that use 802.11b for WLAN have signs requesting that all bluetooth devices be turned off before you enter them

hope that helps

  pc_lover 20:49 12 Jan 2005

Tried unplugging the MIcrowave, to no avail! Any other thoughts?

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