WLAN 1397 mini card cannot start

  theomum 18:12 17 Jan 2010

Im posting on behalf of my dad who is struggling with his Dell inspiron laptop. Internet connect stopped working we've re installed drivers and managed to get it workign wired but the wireless still will not work its coming up with
WLAN 1397 mini card cannot start Code 10
it also says drivers are installed correctly and uptodate
so now we are at a loss?

its 6months old and dont really wanna pay dell as he already paid PC world £50 to get it going (although not fully) but they want another £50 to look at it again! :|

any help appreciated. thanks

  theomum 19:54 17 Jan 2010

Hi thanks
but they always say its a software issue and that isn't covered under warranties??? *get out*
(was brand new)

now after running a few other things its also saying Your WLAN 1397 has hardware issues so Im gonna get him to go back tomorrow (as tech support on dell is not available) to PC world and say we think the wireless card has a problem as thats all I can think now??

  rdave13 19:54 17 Jan 2010

As it's only six months old it should be under warranty. Unless it was a reconditioned laptop with a 3 months warranty you really shouldn't have paid anything. Check your warranty docs and if you have twelve months warranty contact the seller.

  rdave13 20:16 17 Jan 2010

Sounds as the card isn't working.
One thing to try before returning it is to go to device manager (type device manager in the search box after clicking on start), select the wireless card, properties and update drivers. If windows shows that it has the latest drivers then click ok. Try the same but now 'roll back to a previous driver' under the driver tab. If that also fails it looks as a hardware failure and it does happen.
Error code 10 is either driver or hardware fault.
If bought from PC World then stand your ground and politely state what you've tried, get them to sort it out, and get your £50, previously paid, back.

  theomum 20:45 17 Jan 2010

Thanks I did try allthat (just re tried it to be sure) is says drivers upto date but cannont start when you check for solutions there are none? and the roll back option is not available??

I wasn't sure whether to uninstall the card? but I don't know how to re install it if I did?


  rdave13 21:24 17 Jan 2010

Go to device manager again. Right click- and select uninstall.
Log off then reboot. Windows should show 'found new hardware' and install the drivers.

  theomum 21:43 17 Jan 2010

whoop whoop! I think that might have cured it touch wood! its working on my wireless at my house so unless there some issue at his house?? it looks like that did it! though did have to press FN/F2 several times

Thank you so much for your time!

  rdave13 21:50 17 Jan 2010

Glad it worked. Make sure that Windows update is set for ' check for updates but let me choose whether to install or not'. Or word to that effect. It might have been an update that caused this problem.

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