lewis187 20:17 19 Jan 2004

does any one know thta if i buy a linksys wireless g router for an xp system and 2 pic cards for an xp and a 98 whether i could transmit internet to both the pc's and use the host pc on the internet at the same time? what speed would they run at if the main connection was a 1mb?
And how could i stop any one else intercepting it and using my internet for free with the same pic card?
Thanks a lot for any help.thanks it will be helpful.

  LeadingMNMs 20:25 19 Jan 2004

So I presume then that you will use the router with a modem to provide a connection to the internet and then all computers connect via the router to the internet rather than there being a 'host' computer that shares it's internet access.

If this is the case then all computers will have simultaneous internet access, although I'm not sure how much of the connection each computer will take up. Some routers allow you to specify the bandwidth available to each computer but you will have to check.

As for security issues, I have to point out that the likely hood of someone connecting to your network is very unlikely in domestic surroundings, and most people wouldn't have the know how to do it. However there is WEP which is a basic form of encryption and there are other things that can be done such as MAC filtering.

  lewis187 21:08 19 Jan 2004

i dont no wot im doing thats y i posted this!
I dont no if i need a host or can just connect via the "linksys wireless g router" Although i was told that i need a host in order to transmit the connection to a specific pic card. i dont no. Do u?

  DieSse 22:37 19 Jan 2004

Normally the router connects to the telephone line, and talks to the internet.

And each computer is connected independantly to the router, either by a wire, or by wirless (wireless routers usually allow both types of connection.)

There is no host with such a router - just three seperate computers, each with their own connection.

The total bandwidth is 1Mbps - each computer takes as much as it needs and can get, up to 1Mbps. If all three want full and total access together (not likely for normal surfing, but if all three were doing a big download at the same time it could happen) - then each would get about one third of the total available.

The wireless access has a certain amount of security built-in - it would need a fair degree of skill to "tap-in" to your system. In any case, the range is limited - read the specs for the router on range and security.

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