tasslehoff burrfoot 22:48 18 Jul 2004


Since restoring my PC to factory settings, I have had the following:

When I boot up, I get a command prompt window open (once windows has loaded) with the text "debugging console enabled". The title bar has C:\windows\system32\wjserc.exe or similar (it's definitley system32) and ZA pops up to ask if it should access the internet.

Spybot, adaware, AVG, A2 have all happoly scanned with out reporting this as a problem, so I am happy it is not malicious.

But what is it? And why has it just turned up after restoring to factory settings when it wasn't there when I bought the PC?



  harps1h 22:58 18 Jul 2004

why you had to restore your pc to the factory settings?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:09 18 Jul 2004

It was because of a bodged up attempt at installing Fedora on D Drive.


  Dan the Confused 23:21 18 Jul 2004

Found click here

It's translated from German so I don't really understand it but looks like it might be a nasty.

Try click here

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:39 18 Jul 2004

Thanks, you're right does look nasty.

Your second link goes to panda, I click scan my PC and a window opens saying
An error has occurred at click here
The page that you have requested does not exist or is not available at click here

Check to see if the address you have entered is correct, or go to our Site Map to find a page.

I have always had this problem (with trendmicro too) whether I use IE or firefox.

I'm stumped!


  Dan the Confused 23:50 18 Jul 2004

You could try pressing ctrl-alt-del to bring up task manager and ending it as a background process.

If you cannot find it, try booting in safe mode.

Then you can just go to the c:\windows\system32 folder and delete it.

I think it might just be a file that was dropped by a virus.

  Dan the Confused 23:55 18 Jul 2004

If this works then run a registry cleaner after to tidy things up.

  harps1h 19:11 19 Jul 2004

i have a disk with panda on it, mail meyour address and i will post it to you. it came of a lesser publication (need to say that to fe happy. he ain't happy, nobody happy!)

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:45 19 Jul 2004

Dan the confused, I have followed your advice and deleted the file in safe mode. Run regsrubXP and it has found 128 problems isn't this rather a lot for a new install? Is it safe to fix them all?


I've mailed you, thank you.


  Dan the Confused 18:34 20 Jul 2004

128 problems doesn't sound excessive. Fix all of them but, as always with the registry, make sure it is backed up first.

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