Wizard Mystery on XP

  Hazlitt 12:34 16 Sep 2003

After the screen settles down on boot up, I get a prompt from the New Found Hardware Wizard asking for instructions to install a Multimedia Audio Controller. I'm mystified by this because I've no intention of installing this hardware. Does anyone know what might be going on ?

  graham√ 13:00 16 Sep 2003

Have a look in Device Manager (Windows key + pause/break key, Hardware) for Question marks or X's on Audio devices (click on the +).

If nothing obvious, let the Wizard have a go!

  Hazlitt 13:19 16 Sep 2003

Thanks. Been into Device Manager as you suggested and put a + next to Audio Devices - which is listed under Other Devices. It makes no difference because there's no Apply button and I notice an ! mark over the Audio Devices entry. Is this a clue to what's going on ?

  mark500 13:21 16 Sep 2003

Could be the on-board sound chip. Go into bios and see if you have one. If it is enabled simply disable it.

  Hazlitt 13:31 16 Sep 2003

Thanks: But since I've never needed to get into bios before, I think I'd need a bit of instruction from you to guide me.

  mark500 20:57 16 Sep 2003

Restart your machine. When it is restarting press DELETE key to enter setup. Go to intergrated peripherals (could be elsewhere depending on BIOS you have)and look for the on board sound. Could be AC97 Audio Device. Disable it. Next save and exit. Restart and see if that works.

  graham√ 21:56 16 Sep 2003

Might be a bit early to go into bios, especially for someone new to it all.

Hazlitt, in Device Manager I meant for you to click on the + sign. This will open up the 'tree' and you will see the different devices. Tell us what you see.

  duckers 22:12 16 Sep 2003

You need a correct driver for your "multimedia audio controller", or your sound card.
If you dont know what sound card your using, you will need to find out.
A driver for this should have come with your PC, if not you will be able to download one providing you know the sound cadr make/model.
Alternatively ask the person/store where you bought the PC from and they should be able to help you.
If its on board sound let us know your motherboard make/model if you can and this will help.

  graham√ 09:13 17 Sep 2003

To find out what's in your PC, download Belarc Advisor from click here

  Hazlitt 12:45 17 Sep 2003

Thanks for your suggestions: I'll follow them all up this afternoon. I'm staying out of bios
for the time being though.
Incidentally, the link to Belarc Advisor seems to have been broken just lately.

  Hazlitt 15:55 17 Sep 2003

Seem to have solved the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling the Realtek audio driver.

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