Witts end, reinstall xp, please help.

  tinny76 21:49 30 Dec 2004

hi can anyone please help i am at my witts end with this one.
My freinds Compaq presario 6420nx. Legit purchased, COA , and the restore disks. The retore disks are not bootable though: error

"these system recovery cd's do not support this compaq pc model"

the thing is they are the right ones as they have 6420nx on them. Cant see anything on hp website regarding this. Somewher in the back of my mind i have an inclinition that there is a tattoo or a branding on the cd's so that they cant be used????
can anyone give me any info.

thanks in advance.

  ACOLYTE 22:01 30 Dec 2004

Ring the suplier and ask them? if it a fairly new pc.
this pc didnt get a good review from here tho.
click here

  hugh-265156 22:02 30 Dec 2004

i am sure you have checked this but just in case click here click here click here may help you a bit.

  JIM 22:14 30 Dec 2004


Before you begin: it is a good idea to download driver and software updates from Compaq website and store them on a CD for use after the recovery process. REMEMBER that your recovery CD contain the old driver versions and all updates done priorly may be altered during the recovery process.

The System Recovery program offers two recovery options: Standard Recovery or Full System Recovery. In some models, you'll be prompted for a software license key.


This option recovers factory-shipped programs, drivers, and the operating system without affecting any data files that you may have
created since purchasing this PC. Some data files maybe difficult to find after the system recovery, so it is best to backup all the
hard disk files before performing a system recovery.


This recovery function completely erases and reformats the hard disk. The program performs a Full System Recovery to reinstall the
operating system, programs, and drivers from the recovery discs.

However, you must reinstall any software that was not installed on the computer at the factory. This includes software that came on
the CDs included in the somputer accessory box, and software programs you installed since your purchase.

NOTE: If your PC has a blank or corrupted hard disk, or have deleted previous HD partitions, you can use ONLY the Full System Recovery option.


1. If the computer works, you can backup all data files that you want to save onto removable media, such as CD-RW or diskette. Remove the backup CD or diskette you've made.

2. Press the eject button on the top disk drive or on the DVD drive if using DVDs, and wait for the tray to open. Insert recovery disc # 1 and close the tray.

3. Power OFF the computer.

4. Disconnect all peripheral devices from the PC (such as printer, camera, scanner, and similar devices) except the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, and phone line to modem.

5. Power ON the computer.

6. The PC starts the recovery (you'll be prompted to choose between standard and full recovery); follow the on-screen instructions. Insert the remaining disc 2, 3... etc. when directed by the setup.

NOTE: If you've backup your important files, delete the HD partition(s) using FDISK, then use full system recovery (recommended).

7. When the recovery program finishes, remove the CD media from the and restart the computer. (In some models, it will take 5-10 minutes or more to finish the re-start process).

8. When the computer restarts, the Windows Setup will ask you a few questions to complete the registration process. The setup will dial the 800# to send your registration.

9. Power OFF your PC and reconnect all the peripheral devices.

NOTE: If you have devices other than those came with the package at the time of purchase, it is recommended that you reinstall the added devices one after the other. This will enable you to diagnose any problem and to have ample time to load the drivers for that device.

10. Install or reinstall other software as needed.

  tinny76 00:36 31 Dec 2004

thanksfor input but tried all that, its very infuriating, ill give hp a phone and update when i know more.
cheers .

  bof:) 01:07 31 Dec 2004

have you tried to replace any hardware?

  tinny76 13:40 31 Dec 2004

the only different thing i am using is the monitor but i dont think that would affect anything. i think it will need to wait untill after the holidays.

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