Wishing to Purchase an internal DVD Re-writer

  julius44 00:37 04 Oct 2008

Hello I currently have a Dell Pentium 4 Desktop Windows XP Service Pack 3,PC..specs are Dell 5150 Pentium 4, CPU 3.00GHz,
2.99GHz, 2Gb RAM, hard drive is 160Gb, external draive is 320Gb.....a similar link is hereclick here

I've had this pc since jan 2006, it does a decent job...only prob it does not have a DVD burner..as it only burns cds...now i want to burn dvds...and i just need advice on getting an internal dvd burner..and I just would like to confirm that my PC will be able to use an internal dvd burner....and the easiest way to do this...i upgraded my RAM myself from 1gb to 2gb..this was a doddle and so easy..but changing the cd drive..i'm not sure. Well i'd like a few links on how to do this and also whether this will work for my desktop pc......as much help/advice as possiblw would be much appreciated. thanks

  Fried~Chips 00:41 04 Oct 2008

many different brands, some drives being loud when burning, like Lite-on but they burn well.

  julius44 00:43 04 Oct 2008

Hi fired chips..thanks for that...but HOW easy is this to change?? i dont wanna run into difficulties. any links u can give me pls??

  MCE2K5 00:59 04 Oct 2008

Dell™ Dimension™ 5150/E510 Service Manual click here

  ambra4 01:12 04 Oct 2008

You should not have any problem just make sure that you get the DVD burner with the correct type of connector

IDE connector or a SATA type connector

IDE Connector

click here

SATA Connector

click here

Remove the power cable and remove the side panels on the case, remove the screws or on some dell there is a slide out bracket on the side of cd drive and remove the cables from the back and remove the drive from the front of the case.

Check the jumper setting on the old drive if set to master or cable select, and set new drive the same

Install new drive and reconnect the cables, restart the computer and windows will load the driver for the new drive


click here

  GaT7 01:25 04 Oct 2008

I would recommend getting a DVD-rw drive from click here, as they offer free postage.

Looks like your motherboard click here has both IDE & SATA connectors, but have a look inside the case to see what type of connectors are free.

Also check the PSU for the type of power connectors that are free - molex power looks like this click here, while SATA power like click here. G

  julius44 01:29 04 Oct 2008

Thanks crossbow7 for that. can anything go wrong though??? hoe easy is this to do......i'm looking at a few on ebay..ive seen 1 in particular pls tell me what u think???

click here

  GaT7 01:42 04 Oct 2008

It's very easy to do - see ambra4's guide above.

Why pay £35, when you can get a similar one for half the price click here. G

  julius44 01:49 04 Oct 2008

Thanks loadz crossbow 7, u are a star!!! I've just purchased the 1 u mentioned from play.com. It seems that 1 is very good. Hopefully it'll work ok, and i'm gonna follow the guide that was posted as well for me to follow, so as u said, i should have no probs.

  laurie53 07:01 04 Oct 2008

Did it last night. Less than 15 minutes including unpacking and covers off (tho' not back on!).

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