wish to upgrade RAM

  Sani1 14:15 02 Sep 2004

not sure whether to invest in new computer or upgrade! I've got Intel Pentium II, Windows XP, 128 memory, 2.45GB hard drive. If I add another 128 memory will that improve speed? Is it easy to install bigger hard drive, say 40GB? If so, could you recommend where to get the memory board?
Many thanks

  TomJerry 15:25 02 Sep 2004

Fit a HDD is very easy, but you need to check if your motherboard support it. It maybe difficult to get memory for your PC, place to look click here, very very good site to find right memory.

I would say, not worth to upgrade.

As an example:
IBM PIII 1GHz PC 256Mb RAM, 20Gig, Floppy with CD (Full size bay) (2nd hand) £169 click here

If you can DIY, I can recommend some kit for you to make a better PC base unit less than £169

  TomJerry 15:35 02 Sep 2004

Asus AMD Terminator c/w DDR m/b +VGA +LAN +audio (to XP2400) (2yr warranty) (No optical drive or modem) £70.15 click here

AMD Athlon XP 2400 (266MHz) Retail inc. fan (3 yr.warr.) £49.64 click here

256MB DDR266 PC2100 RAM (major brand) £25.79 click here

80 GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 7200rpm ATA133 2MB Cache £36.13 click here

£181.71 in total, you need to re-use your old optical drive (new one cost £20) and modem (new one costs £10). Put all together within one hour. All components come with warrenty.

  xania 15:37 02 Sep 2004

I would recommend 512 MB RAM. With only 256, XP may well still struggle. HDD are very cheap, in terms of Gb per £, especially 40Gb+.

  Ivor_Monkey 15:46 02 Sep 2004

It depedns on what you want a pc for? If you are happy with your pc except for speed, then adding ram and a hard disk may be done very cheaply. But you can buy a very cheap relatively high spec new computer for a few hundred (eg dell). My advice: don't bother with second hand -unless you know the seller.

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