Wish to transfer old music tapes to CD

  jemtans 19:19 03 Feb 2003

I would like to transfer my old music tapes to CD. Can this be done using XP home edition ? I can hear the tapes via the computer speakers. The tape player is connected via the Line in socket. I also have a JustLink CD-Writer 40x12x48x and a normal 52X CD Drive.

  bremner 19:26 03 Feb 2003

I have done exactly this using the sound recorder, used dbpoweramp ( a free download )to convert the wav file to MP3 and then used Nero to burn to CD. This may be a long winded method which someone with greater knowledge may improve on, but it worked.

  yonex24562 21:46 03 Feb 2003

Have a look click here for detailed instructions. Hope this helps, cheers

  Newuser38 22:22 03 Feb 2003

This link might be of help click here

  Forget-me-not 00:10 04 Feb 2003

I have Showaddywaddy's "The very best of" on 8 track and would like to burn it to DVD...is this possible?

The player is a Motorola M75 and is in my 1968 Morris Minor Traveller(British Motor Racing Green) and my DVD-R is a Pioneer A05 DVD burner.

Can this be done or should I just buy the CD from Amazon's auctions for £2.75?


  Forget-me-not 01:14 04 Feb 2003

Oh and yes....I am taking the piss out of this sad,sad forum.

  cream. 07:31 04 Feb 2003


This may be of help. If you have roxio burning software, part of easy cd creator. Then you should have all you need. Full instructions from

click here

This will do audio cassettes and vinyl.

  doug 07:56 04 Feb 2003

If this Forum is, in your opinion, so sad why ave you posted?

  MalcSP 09:43 04 Feb 2003

I haven't heard from FE lately but I've seen him delete users for less forget-me-not.

  artist 10:06 04 Feb 2003

If you're so clever, forget-me- not why bother to go to a 'help room' !

  Harry M™ 11:49 04 Feb 2003

jemtans A link for the more technical aspects.

click here

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