WISE-FTP cannot be uninstalled, or can it?

  TrustNoone 00:27 21 Dec 2004

I dowloaded WISE-FTP from the 1and1 site (click here) which hosts a website I supervise. After 30 days the free trial expired and I am asked to pay for the software (USD$49.99). I do not wish to pay so wanted to uninstall. Unfortunately, uninstallation is not possible due to the inability to locate "setup.ini" on "Disk1" which obviously I do not have as the program was downloaded. Reinstallation of the software did not remedy the situation.

The ACEBIT forum click here has a similar query to this posted in July 2004 which has not been answered.

I wish to remove this program cleanly. Does anyone know how to do this? Is it simply a matter of removing the program folder and the registry entries related to the program?

I am certainly NOT keen to recommend this program in light of this dificulty.

BTW, there is a free FTP extension for FIREFOX which you may wish to try. It suits my needs, and it is FREE click here!

  Taran 14:39 21 Dec 2004

I've not been able to duplicate the problem and so I can't offer any direct advice on it.

You can get dedicated uninstallers which claim to be able to remove all trace of a program from your PC, but most work best if they are installed prior to the program you ewant to get rid of, since they often worki by cataloging which files go where and when they went there.

If you have Windows XP you could always try a System Restore, but you might lose other programs, settings and files by doing so.

I tried WISE-FTP a year or so ago out of curiosity when I got if free with a 1&1 domain and it has a very quirky way of doing what it does. After playing with it for a few days I decided that it was not for me. It did uninstall cleanly though.

My all time favourite FTP client is WS_FTP Pro from Ipswitch. I can't praise it highly enough and it has served me well for years.

One of the support questions on the WISE-FTP site suggests downloading the very latest version, running the installer and attempting to uninstall the prior version with the latest one which they say has this feature. They also suggest:

If you wish to uninstall the application, open the Windows Explorer and delete the file wise_click here in the folder c:\program files\acebit\wise-ftp. Now you can restart the installation program to deinstall WISE-FTP.

This is meant for a slightly different problem to yours, but try renaming the wise_click here file to wise_click here or wise_click here then download the latest version, run the installer and see if there is an option to uninstall the previous version.

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