Wirless Network Drop Out

  melancol 13:22 27 Dec 2004

hi, I have a wireless network set up successfully using a Belkin f5d7230-4 router connected via cable to my winxp main computer, wireless connection to a win98 computer all works as it should and no problems. I have just purchased a Samsung Laptop running winxp and with a built in 802.11g network card. This works fine for about 8-10 mins, all internet, file sharing and email no problems, MSN drops out after about 2 mins, then it loses all connection and cannot see the network. If I go into the Belkin54g properties and the click ok all works again for 2 mins msn and 8-10 mins for internet/file sharing. I thought it may be down to the firewall program in xp, so i turned this off, no different, still lost connections.
Any Ideas?

  mrdsgs 16:00 27 Dec 2004

try using a fixed ip address on the laptop.

start by finding what ip your router assigns it by typing ipconfig /all ata command prompt on the laptop.

use this ip address as a fixed ip on the laptop and add the gateway address of your router.

i can talk you through this if you contact me direct


  melancol 17:10 27 Dec 2004

have done that, Can you tell me if I have done it right. I went into Wireless Network Connection properties, then into Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties and put in the ip address, subnet mask and default gateway provided by belkin clicked ok.

Seems to be okay so far, I'll let you know.
Thanks for your help

  mrdsgs 17:15 27 Dec 2004

that should be it


  melancol 17:16 27 Dec 2004

Well it was working, It lasted for about 15mins before drop out, but msn kept going untill it lost the network connection. Where do I go from here?

  Modo 17:28 27 Dec 2004

This problem is swamping various forums in the last two weeks.

I must admit I've now caught it ansd I'm pretty good at this stuff having succesfully offered help here and elsewhere - and locally I seem to spend half the week setting up for friends and neighbours.

It is on my list to sort out this week. but given the level of forum requests it has surely got to be a recent update conflict.

I suspect Windows updates. But in order to make it easier to nail the clprit can posters please list

Update status

I'm pretty sure that turning off WZC in services isn't the solution. It probably isn't conflicting becuse I did notice going back to channel 11 from Ch9 which I had gone to to avoid another network close by on Ch9 actually improved things.

My other suspicions are ZA and Intel chipset based issues. It ain't occurring on two computers I'm running on the 54g Belkin manager.

  melancol 17:55 27 Dec 2004

hi Modo,
Thanks for your input.
i would give you my os update status if I knew where to find it, and I would give you my firewall AV if I knew what you meant by AV
Let me know so that I can post the results

  melancol 21:03 03 Jan 2005

Downloaded instructions for lap top, handy troubleshoot guide!!

It said that if network connection is lost after 2-3 mins then go into properties for network connections, click on authentication and disable (take tick out of box) "enable IEE802.1x authentication for this network"

This I did and all is working perfectly.
Just goes to show, always read the instructions!

Thanks again for your help

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