wiring front usb how to?

  hugh-265156 18:31 11 Jul 2003

i receintly changed my case and have front usb connections.my old case also had these and connected to the mobo via one connector.9 pins(4 top 5 bottom)

wires coloured left to right top: red,not used,green,white,not used.

bottom:yellow,black,blue,dark green

my new case has seperate wires for the front usb connections.two four pin connections reading left to right:vcc,usb+,usb-,gnd and two seperate gnds,gnd 1(two wires and gnd 2 (one wire)

i have tried every way of connecting these up with no sucess.

someone asked this question earlier and i advised them to check the motherboard manual.click here :-)

i have a packard bell imedia 5051 pc.it uses a columbia motherboard (rev1) click here its stamped as a gigabyte GA-8siml but the board is different as its oem.

any help would be great.thanks.

  jimv7 20:47 11 Jul 2003

If it helps, pin 1 is usually marked, either by the white line on the mobo being thicker at one end or a mark by pin 1.

Red normally goes to pin 1.

On most boards I have done, pin 1 2 3 4 on one line and in our case, right underneath pin 1 2 3 4 5 on the next line.

5th pin is not used.

Red wires are pins 1, black wires are pins 4

Wires should also be marked whether (1) or (2)

Don't hold me to that as manufacturers differ, you must get hold of a motherboard manual to be sure.

  DieSse 21:29 11 Jul 2003

You must absolutely look at the motherboard manual - USB header layouts differ a lot on different motherboards and you must get it correct - at worst you will stop the USB ports from working permanently.

The colours on the wires on cases are not totally consistent, so, once again you must look at the markings on the plugs.

You do seem to have the connectors in a fairly standard layout - Vcc ≡ 5V usb+ ≡ data+ usb- ≡ data- and Gnd ≡ Gnd if you have any doubts.

The two extra ground wires are common with USB2 and are sheilding or extra grounds. If there is an extra Gnd pin on the header, this is where it goes. BUT the extra pin on the board I looked at says USB Overcurrent - so don't connect to that!

If this is your board click here then the USB layout is shown on it - if it's not, it's likely (but not ceratin) that the same layout will be used, as it must be a similar board.

If you've connected up the wrong way round you might just have damaged something, as you may have connected the 5V to Gnd, and vice versa.

  DieSse 21:34 11 Jul 2003

I also just noticed that the board header says Pwr , Data-, Data+, Gnd in that order, whereas you quote a different order on the connectors - so you will need to swap over the two data wires in the connectors too.

  Djohn 01:12 12 Jul 2003

For huggyg71....

  hugh-265156 01:16 12 Jul 2003


  hugh-265156 01:30 12 Jul 2003

thanks for the replies.i have been having trouble posting my reply(page not displayed problem) so im going to try it in two parts and see if it lets me post

i have been trying to get this wired up for a while now,how hard can this be? LOL!

basicaly i think i have a strange packard bell thing going on,ie/ non standard wiring.my old case connector looked like "All pins joined" photo click here but my missing pin is at the top right(its keyed and can only fit one way,and works ok)

i will refer to the click here for examples as im not good at explaining things.

my layout of pins looks like "Intel Standard USB header Layout" picture but with one difference,the missing pin is on the bottom right as i look at it.where the one in the example is top right.sorry its the best i can explain it.

the new case has connectors as in "4 joined pins + one extra ground example picture."

  hugh-265156 01:33 12 Jul 2003

i have connected my new connectors thus,running left to right vcc,usb+,usb-,gnd blank (all pins are joined together so it can only go two ways)same in both rows then bottom extra pin is using the seperate gnd wire and one gnd is free.

wired this way i get one usb port with power,ie/i plug in my scanner or mouse and the power light comes on but when plugged into this windows detects them as an unknown device,throws up a troubleshooter to tell me my "unknown device is scrap, please burn it"or words to that effect lol. if plugged said scanner or mouse into my free rear usb socket or keyboard windows detects it straight away,so its not my scanner or mouse thats faulty.

if i flip the connections the top vcc will have no pin? i have tried this as well and both ports have no power.surely thats the only way they can go?

  hugh-265156 01:34 12 Jul 2003

DieSse,i cant get your link to work but i downloaded the gigabyte manual for the GA-8siml rev 1 click here which is basically my board(its stamped as such anyway) and has a similar layout to the columbia above. the gygabyte usb diagram in the manual though is different to my pin layout on my columbia.the manual said im supposed to have a pin layout as in"Gigabyte Style USB header Layout" picture, so that cannot be right.

i really dont want to let this beat me.do you think i need a special connector?

  hugh-265156 01:36 12 Jul 2003

and sorry i had to split the above all up into three posts its the only way i could send it. i was getting page cannot be displayed if posted as one posting.....strange?

  DieSse 01:54 12 Jul 2003

OK . it doesn't look as if we're going to get any guaranteed help from manulas then does it.

If you have two rows of pins, a four and a five - then for the row with five pins - the one out on it's own will be a Gnd (or overcurrent) pin. Almost certainly the one next to it will be a Gnd pin - so you now have the orientation for at least one connector.

The other one (on the row with four pins), clearly goes one way round or t'other.

Problem as I see it now is - you may alraedy have damaged either a chip, or blown a protective fuse, if you've put the connectors on the wrong way round.

Though you may also have the data+ and data- pins reversed in the one that almost works.

I think it may show you gotta get it right first time. I can't see how any more help is possible, I'm afraid.

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