Wiring a Chiftect Dragon case.

  mall 13:35 28 Aug 2003

I recently bought a Chieftec case.

However there are no instructions. I am ok with everything except the front panel wires.

You have power switch, hdd led, reset, speaker etc.
I am ok with my motheboard a ABIT KS7. All I want to know is which side on the plugs is the positive and which is negative.

I can see on the plugs a triangle on one side and the words "ksp" Is this the positive or the negative?

Maybe this is a dubass question, but sorry I do not know. It's my first build and this is my only problem.

  -pops- 14:06 28 Aug 2003

From the list you have given, the only one that matters which way round it goes is the LED. From memory, the triangle indicates +ve but even if you get it wrong the only consequence is that it doesn't light up and you then just reverse it.

Don't forget to loop all these cables through the ferrite ring that should be provided before you connect them up.


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