Wires/wireless share using 02 router?

  Patr100 11:17 05 Sep 2010

I am trying to set up a simple home network whereby I can share files between 2 pic.

PC 1 is connected via cable to my 02 router.
PC3 (upstairs) is connected to the 02 router wirelessly.
I don't have any problem with the internet connection but I've run the basic network setup wixard for XP - which is frustratingly
vague on real detail - as was my Google search- all I can see is the PC i'm using in Network places in the wireless PC which isn't much help on it's own.

I want to be able to share using the 02 router as go between (one wired/one wireless) or is that not possible?

  onthelimit 11:26 05 Sep 2010

Have a look click here

  Patr100 15:57 05 Sep 2010

I'm afraid tha doesn't help as it assumes we are all already onnected in the same way - Allowing sharing etc doesn't affect the other PC if it can't see it on the network at all.
Alos it appears ot be for XP Pro and I'm on XP Home

  mgmcc 23:28 05 Sep 2010

If the two computers are connected to the router, then they are "networked". It doesn't make any difference whether they are connected by ethernet cable or "wirelessly". There is also no difference between networking XP Pro (with Simple File Sharing enabled) and XP Home.

Make sure that any firewall software is configured to allow access to the networked computers. Then see if you can access the remote computer by typing the path to it directly into the address bar in "My Network Places" using the format:



  Patr100 23:56 05 Sep 2010

I'm using Zone Alarm - how do I identify it to allow/disallow it?

  Patr100 01:40 06 Sep 2010

I turned off ZA - still no good.

Network path cannot be found.

  mgmcc 08:11 06 Sep 2010

Turning off Zone Alarm isn't necessarily effective because there can still be background processes running. You need to configure it correctly.

Open Zone Alarm and, in the Firewall section at the left, select "Zones". Click the "Add" button and select Subnet. Type in:

IP address 192.168.x.0 (where 'x' matches that of your router's IP address)

Subnet Mask

Description {anything} but it needs an entry.

By using the Subnet address (ending in zero) you are allowing all addresses from 192.168.x.1 to 192.168.x.254 which can be more reliable than using individual IP addresses.

  Patr100 11:37 06 Sep 2010

It's already listed in there as "New Network" with the above settings.

  mgmcc 07:51 07 Sep 2010

Have you set as "shared" at least one folder in each PC?

Can either of the computers access a "shared" folder over the network in the remote computer?

  Patr100 11:18 07 Sep 2010

Yes I have already set shared folders.

No, neither can access any remote computer's folders or even acknowledge the other PC. That is the problem.

  mgmcc 11:24 07 Sep 2010

OK, this is a bit of a long shot but, in each PC, run IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Prompt window and tell me what the "Node Type" is shown as.

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