wirelsee network gain?

  Shinda 18:22 12 Oct 2004

Hello everyone,here goes. I have w/less n/work setup at home(1 pc ,2 laptops )and it is all working fine at the moment.How can i increase /boost the signal to the l/tops as when the kids take them downstairs or into the loft the signal drops dramictally.The router is a Belkin2.4g - 802.11g and the cards are the same, all setup on b/band. Many thanks for your assistance.

  Mikè 19:00 12 Oct 2004

Is it posible to locate the router in a more central position, higher would be good.

  Irishman 19:00 12 Oct 2004

Bump ^

  Shinda 13:53 13 Oct 2004

mike & irishman the router is half way up the wall already!

  recap 14:51 13 Oct 2004

I think what Mikè meant was higher up in your house, say maybe the loft?

  easyrider 21:25 13 Oct 2004

As long as they are not dropping connection I would not worry to much about it.

recap if she puts it in the attic will shinda not risk losing the connection altogether down stairs.

  Shinda 12:08 20 Oct 2004

Hello there. well its been a while and I have had some answers to my dillema.I do appericate the help but as yet the sujjestions have not helped. Has anybody got any other suggestions please?

  woodt 12:25 20 Oct 2004

when you say the signal is poor, what do you mean? Even a 'poor' signal of 1Mbs is more than adequate. A 512kbs bb connection will download files at roughly 100kbs.

  Shinda 17:09 09 Nov 2004

Hello all, I havea wirless network at home connecting two laptops and this desktop.They all are running fine and the operating sysetm ix XP pro.The question is my network is not "secure". How do i secure it?In other words i do not want anybody walking in the street/parked in a car to be able to use it.
Many thanks in advance.

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