Wireless woe

  mo66ie 14:51 29 Jun 2007

I finally got my laptop working wirelessly last week and so far I'm impressed, but I seem to have little problemette. When I hibernate my pc the wireless connection reconnects ok when powered up, BUT, when I reboot my pc I have to go in to services and start the Wireless Zero Configuration manually, even though it's set to automatic, I then have to click Start>Connect to>right click Wireless Network Connection>click properties>click the Wireless networks tab and check the box 'Use Windows To Configure My network settings'.
My OS is XP home with SP2 and my router is an Actiontec GT701-WRU.
Haven't as yet enabled WEP encryption as I'm using MAC addresses to filter out unwanted's.
Any help would be appreciated.

egards Allan

  fitshase 15:00 29 Jun 2007

Is there not a setting on the laptop to keep the wireless function enabled all of the time (i.e., the wireless card on).

Normally there is also a hot key combination or a button on the laptop to switch wireless on and off.

As for MAC filtering - that will stop most people connecting to your router but will not encrypt any of the information being transferred over the airwaves. With the right equipment, someone could intercept your traffic.

Enable encryption as soon as possible and try to go for WPA not WEP (more secure).

  mgmcc 08:41 30 Jun 2007

The most common reason for "Wireless Zero Configuration" being stopped is that there is third-party wireless software from the adapter manufacturer installed in the computer. With some software, this takes back control of the wireless networking when the PC is booted so it needs to be uninstalled so that only Windows' WZC is used.

  Strawballs 09:57 30 Jun 2007

click here
Look under security

  mo66ie 11:07 30 Jun 2007

Thanks guys I'll have a play. :-)
Regards Allan.

  mo66ie 14:24 13 Aug 2008

I have no idea. Now I understand nothing :-)

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