Wireless and Wired networking combined?

  SimianBenzoate 23:13 11 May 2005

in my house we have 4 pcs all running XP and 2 laptops both running XP, a SOny Vaio and a Dell.

my main pc is connected to the internet through a usb broadband modem, we have an ethernet hub wired into the house and want to connect the 4 desktops through this hub to my desktop to share the connection. however, i also have a belkin wireless 802.11 b/g card in my desktop which i would like the 2 laptops to be able to use to access the internet connection too.

i have managed to set up a wired lan which with ICS i have managed to get the internet working on all 4 desktops. however, the wireless wont work with this at all. i can setup the ad-hoc network from the wireless card desktop to the laptops, and this can be picked up by the laptops, but can only be used to browse my desktop files under MY NETWORK PLACES/MY WORKGROUP COMPUTERS. it will not connect to the internet... i have tried bridging the lan and wireless connections in network connections window, i have tried disabling the wired lan and using ICS on just the wireless connection, now all i have is still no internet connection and a mess of lans, bridges and wireless connections which i cant delete and start all over again...

is there actually a way of cobining wired and wireless networks without a router? what do you think the problem is with my setup?
and is there anyway of deleting the LANs in my network connections and just starting over?
thanks in advance....

  woodchip 23:20 11 May 2005

A USB modem is no good for that you need, what I have is. click here

I have a 98se desktop and a XP desktop connected by ethernet and I am using the free wireless card that comes with modem in my XP laptop

  Forum Editor 23:23 11 May 2005

is the lack of a router. Buy a wireless router with a built-in ADSL modem, and connect the existing ethernet-wired machines to it - any decent router (I currently use a Netgear on my home network) will have four ethernet ports, and so all your PCs will have internet access.

The router will distribute the broadband connection wirelessly to the two laptops, and you can run a single network for all the machines. You won't need to use the Belkin card in your desktop.

  ace121pk 00:09 12 May 2005

so to sum it all up, buy an ADSL router, with wifi built in, either buy wireless card for your pc's or plug them straight into the router.

  SimianBenzoate 11:57 12 May 2005

ok thanks...router it is then! will this work for any broadband connection? i am currently with freeserve but its only a 512kbs service so when i move in a couple of months time i want to change service...would the router be compatible with a cable service like NTL?

Also, i still have a mess of Land and wireless networks in my network connections screen....is there anyway of deleting these so when i get the router i can start from scratch?

Thanks for your help everyone.


  woodchip 13:54 12 May 2005

I do not use Cable but think that a ADSL Router Modem just connects to cable just the same

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