wireless usb problems

  molby5 14:32 01 Apr 2010

hi there, i wonder if anyone can help,
i have just purchased a belkin wireless usb adapter. i have a sky router in our living room which is connecting to our laptops absolutely fine and we can use internet explorer e.t.c as normal. i ahev purchased the adapter for a dell pc in our upstairs room. having plugged it in and installed it and set windows XP to manage wireless connections, although it reads in there as being connected to the internet, i cannot use internet explorer at all. it asks me to dignose connection problems and after doing this it says the following;

'windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. This is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer.

check the firewall settings for the HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP port (21)'

Unfortunately this makes no sense to me - can anybody help at all?


  howard64 14:41 01 Apr 2010

first check that your firewall is allowing that pc to connect. On the dell go to start - run and type ipconfig /all and it will tell you the ip address it is connected to. Then open your firewall, if zone alarm for example, add the ip address obtained and click on trusted. This should deal with the firewall problem.

  molby5 14:53 01 Apr 2010

sorry, when i do that a black window with some white writing appears but disappears really quickly - am i doing something wrong?

  northumbria61 15:14 01 Apr 2010

Go to start - run - type cmd - this will bring up window required - type ipconfig /all (leave space between ipconfig and slash - and look for your I.P. address - then follow the instructions of Howard64

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