Wireless USB adaptor HELP!!!

  geoff47 23:34 19 Jun 2005

I have,under pressure gone for the supposedly easiest way to give my daughter Internet connectivity on her laptop in her bedroom.
I bought a Netgear 54Mbps USB 2.0 Adaptor WG111,in the belief that I simply plugged it into the USB port and away she went.
I have followed the instructions as far as I know correctly,but apart from the Install Wizard freezing the whole system,I still have got nowhere.
I am using Win98,have NTL Broadband,and the laptop is wireless enabled.
Any help would make me look good to my hopeful teenage daughter (for a short while at least)

Any help will be gratefully recieved.

  wags 10:05 20 Jun 2005

You could try this: click here

I assume this is the one you have and it may be worth trying the latest drivers. My own experience with these sort of adapters hasn't been great though !

Funnily enough I bought a Netgear DG834GT with the 108mb version of the USB adapter you have last week and I'm sending it all back to Ebuyer today for a refund (RMA)and will get a 'wired' router next time.

Apart from other woes (with the router)I found that when the adapter works it is OK (although the max. connection I get on Super G was 72mbs), but it is unreliable in dropping the wireless connection and often requires a reboot of the router to reinstate . It also gets damn hot being USB2....

Sorry that I have nothing else useful to add.
Good luck !

  geoff47 17:10 20 Jun 2005

I have managed to get the devices to connect.
My PC shows a green icon that says there is a connection,the laptop shows a good connection and a speed of 11.0 Mbps,but still cannot get internet connection.
I phoned their helpline in downtown Bombay and the man seemed to say I needed a router also.I understood that I had purchased a complete package to link my win98 PC to a wireless enabled laptop,only for internet access.
Have I got it all wrong and it should work the other way around?

I have paid a massive £39.99 for this thing in my innocence,and have since discovered systems a lot cheaper that apparently work better.
Advice please.

wags your advice is well recieved but too late....I can feel the glow on my face from the blooming thing,its heating the whole room.

  John-259217 17:40 20 Jun 2005

Although a router is normally an easier solution it should still be possible with the equipment you have.

Essentially your desktop computer will function as the router by handling all requests from the laptop.

For it to do this you will need to enable ICS (internet connection sharing).

Have a read of this link click here and see how you get on.

  geoff47 21:20 20 Jun 2005

that looks an interesting link....the help line man said I needed to find out about ICS he virtually said I should have got the router....why do they sell the blooming adapters then?
No answer required.
Thanks all.if this doesn't work it goes out of the window.

  Dipso 21:47 20 Jun 2005

See if this helps click here

  Dipso 21:49 20 Jun 2005

Sorry just re-read that you have Win98, I'll get mi coat...

  geoff47 23:27 20 Jun 2005

I thank you all for all the pointers,thought I had cracked it with m73john's link.
I have had a long day playing about,used the XP set up disc in the win98 computor to my astonishment,did the ICS thingy,sorry I am not very techy minded,and all went well.
On rebooting the PC's seemed to get the green lights flashing as if they were connected.Then this PC lost its connection until I shut everything down and took off the ICS from window settings.

I think this is a lost cause....but must ask what are the wireless adapters meant to do? Am I trying to use them for something they are not made for? And if so can I sue the makers,or get a refund from the shop?

I will continue to research,but may go cap in hand to the shop to see if I can upgrade to something that actually works.

  John-259217 04:03 21 Jun 2005

Sorry to hear you`re still having problems.

If I understand correctly, the computer with the internet connection is running Win98 and the laptop is running XP.

If you used the laptops setup wizard to create a configuration disk I think it`s unlikely that it will set up the Win98 ICS settings properly.

On the laptop you should have chosen the option "This computer connects to the internet through another computer or residential gateway". I suspect that the resulting disk it creates would have set the Win98 computer to do the same, effectively breaking it`s internet connection.

Unfortunately I don`t have a Win98 system to hand otherwise I`d try to give you more detailed ICS setup instructions.

Wireless adapters are simply a way for computers to communicate. They are relatively "dumb" pieces of kit, requiring all their controlling settings to be supplied by the computer they are connected to.

Getting two wireless adapters to "find" each other, communicate properly and pass requests from one system through another to the internet can sometimes prove tricky to set up.

A wireless router is usually recommended because it has built-in dedicated firmware to handle these tasks and provides an internet connection without the need to have your desktop system switched on.

Once your user details are entered it connects to the internet and handles traffic routing based on its internal settings. Wireless networking is easier as it provides a constant signal for a computer which is trying to connect. Windows computers running wireless adapters will "search" for a network and don`t always seem to find each other.

In simple hardware terms a wireless adapter was the minimum you needed to achieve what you wanted but it can take a lot of patience to get things right.

  geoff47 18:38 21 Jun 2005

Many thanks m73john for your efforts....but today I returned the piece of kit back to the shop and got a wired system.
A length of cable, a new PCI Adapter for the PC, and a Cardbus PC Card for the laptop.All I have to do now is work out how to get the drivers onto the laptop as they came on a floppy disk and the Laptop has no floppy drive...and the PC's floppy drive doesn't work either.
I am now on my way to see if I can transfer the divers from the floppy to a CD so I can load them to the laptop.

This saga may have a happy ending soon.
Many thanks for all the help.


  si_gone 15:47 04 Jan 2006

Using Packard Bell iConnect1350 800MHz running XP Pro and an Acer Aspire Laptop. Recently set up Belkin Wireless 125 High speed mode router/modem F5D7235uk4 with Wireless High Speed Mode USB Adapter F5D7051uk on desktop and 802.11g Wireless Notebook Network Card F5D7010uk on laptop.
Network and internet connection are working perfectly, but anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours, the two icons in the bottom RH corner freeze and the network no longer responds (note: only on the desktop - laptop remains working okay). I can still open and use other programs, but no internet or network. Reboot is the only cure. Any ideas? Could the USB adapter be causing the lockup? I have removed/reconnected and removed/reloaded the software.

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