Wireless usb adapter problem.

  TomG 18:36 14 Jul 2006

My wife has a xp pc which connects to the router via a wireless usb adapter.
Initially I was using a belkin F5D7050. On startup the machine doesn't automatically connect to the router, sometimes there is a message that there is no connectivity and so she has to right click the adapter icon and select repair (which then connected ok) or at startup the adapter is not detected at all and she has to unplug the adapter and plug it back in again and then it works ok.
Belkin couldn't supply a solution and so i changed to a D-Link DWL-G122 adapter. This has the same problem.
the wireless zero configuration service is set to start automatically (and does).
Any suggestions?

  ade.h 18:55 14 Jul 2006

So you're not using any 3rd-party software for the adapters?

That's something that we can rule out, at least.

At what point is your wife inserting the adapter into the laptop?

  TomG 19:07 14 Jul 2006


No there's no 3rd party software(sorry its a pc) she has to plug it in if its not detected at start up

  ade.h 19:31 14 Jul 2006

So she has it plugged in while it's booting... okay. Try plugging it in only when you reach the login screen. It should work when permanently connected, though.

I would also suggest checking network-related services, one or more of which might be set to Manual and thus being forced to start when required. If it is slow to start, it will cause any dependent software or hardware to fail in turn.

These include: DHCP Client - Network Connections - Network Location Awareness - Plug and Play - Remote Access Connection Manager - Remote Procedure Call - SSDP Discovery - Workstation.

  TomG 19:45 14 Jul 2006


I've gone through all the services listed and changed them to automatic. I've done one shutdown and restart (once the adapter is started/detected it always is ok after a restart- its just startups it has an issue with) and see how we go for a couple of days.

Thanks for the advice.

  TomG 14:31 16 Jul 2006

Well the latest is that the adapter still needs to be un-plugged and plugged back in to be detected.

  TomG 14:14 17 Jul 2006


  Nazzarenu Boy 15:57 17 Jul 2006

try and see if the problem still repeats on another computer. Because the problem can be of the usb wireless adapter. Try then we see from the results.

  FelixTCat 17:22 17 Jul 2006


Do you disconnect by unplugging the USB adapter? It might be better to stop the service first from the taskbar, otherwise Windows might get confused (unlikely as that may seem!)



  TomG 19:46 17 Jul 2006

Hi both

I think the problem is with the pc because I've tried adapters by 2 different manufacturers but still th eproblem remains. I could not stop the service because there was no service to stop (adapter not detected).

  ade.h 21:51 17 Jul 2006

Run the adapter again and look for error codes in its Device Manager proterites. Does it give a warning symbol and report a Code 10 or 12 error + message in the properties window?

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