Wireless and Uni Halls question!

  wky 22:14 25 Aug 2006

Hi there, am a uni student and have new halls in sept, I get the internet via an outlet in the wall, which I suppose is connected to a larger network throughout the halls. I was wondering if it is possible to get wireless internet? If I bought say a wireless router or maybe a wireless access point and set up my laptop it will work? or do I have to have direct internet access? As I think the internet there is routed through a router or switch. Cheers for help. btw, what gear would I need? and any recommendations.

  ade.h 22:49 25 Aug 2006

If your wall socket is an RJ11 modem/phone socket, then there's no network. If it's RJ45 Ethernet, then there almost certainly is. This influences whether you can use a router or a WAP. Stick with a WAP if the socket is an RJ45.

  wky 23:53 25 Aug 2006

so is it correct that a wap will most definately work, i'm almost certain it's an ethernet socket.

  mgmcc 09:38 26 Aug 2006

Yes, a Wireless Access Point should work OK although, personally, I would use a wireless "Cable/DSL" router instead.

Stand-alone Wireless Access Points tend to be expensive and you can almost certainly get a wireless router (which incorporates a W.A.P.) for less.

If another student pops into your room with a laptop, that can be plugged into your router too (or connected wirelessly) and you can share files/printers within your own little network. You *DON'T* want to enable file sharing when connected directly to the uni's network.

  wky 11:45 26 Aug 2006

Hi cheers, for advice, I thought a wap would be cheaper though. But will look out for some of this gear. Hope it's not too expensive, I just want to be able to roam the flat wirelessly.

  ade.h 14:07 26 Aug 2006

Whatever you do.... secure it properly. A bunch of people in close proximity to your wireless router/WAP is not a good idea....

  Forum Editor 14:13 26 Aug 2006

if your university gives you unfettered access to a broadband service in your room. The connection will almost certainly be to the university's distributed network connection, and you'll be in trouble if you try to set up your own wireless network.

  wky 16:15 26 Aug 2006

well the halls aren't exactly uni property, it's a private company that goes through the university, but a wireless access point is alright as I'm only allowing myself the wireless internet, and i'll set up wep etc.

  ade.h 16:23 26 Aug 2006

WPA I hope....

  Forum Editor 17:02 26 Aug 2006

that it might be alright with you, but it may not be alright with the university, The halls may be operated by a private company,but they will come under university jurisdiction, and universities are understandably very fussy about what goes on with regard to internet use. After all, they pay for it, and they want to monitor bandwidth consumption, apart from anything else.

I'll be surprised if you're permitted to do this.

  bfoc 23:22 26 Aug 2006

If your Hall is providing internet access via the University network (which is pretty common) then as the FE says you'll almost certainly find that their terms and conditions will prohibit you attaching any wireless hardware to your connection. Doing so could (in theory) lead to you losing your University account - which makes student life very difficult.

On the other hand if the connection is, say, a Telewest/Ntl cable connection the situation may well be different.

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