Wireless speeds across 2 laptops

  kev-a 15:21 22 Dec 2014

Hi, I have just added a secong laptop to my wireless network at home and whilst the old one still connects at 300 mbps the new one only achieves 65.0 mbps. Using a Lynksys wag160n

Tried a Homehub 3 and old lappy connected at 144 mbps and the new one 72 mbps.

Tried booting new one first and connection speeds don't differ.

New laptop is aspire E15 (E5 571 39S2 was running Win 8.1 but had my comp guy trash that and instal Win 7 so there both running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1

Suggestion please...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 22 Dec 2014

do you have a dual band router?

old lappy maybe connecting at 5Mhz, new one only set to he old 2.4Mhz range.

  kev-a 16:05 22 Dec 2014

It's 2.4Mhz only. I'm sure it's down to router config but can't figure why they run at diff speeds.

  spuds 16:14 22 Dec 2014

You might find some interesting information on this website, regarding routers and broadband. Its just a case of finding the possible article relevant to your question click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:17 22 Dec 2014

would have thought the lappies would be "n" capable

what model of router?

  kev-a 16:25 22 Dec 2014

Both Laptops have N adapters. Old one sitting here connected wirlessly at 300 mbps New Aspire won't connect above 65 mbps Re installed broadcomm drivers for the adapter and still at 65 mbps

Lyksys wag 160 N

I'll have a look at that link thanks Spuds

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 22 Dec 2014

N adaptors? dongles? internal wireless card switched off?

  kev-a 16:58 22 Dec 2014

No Dongle No Adaptor Card Internal switched on as she connects at 65 mbps

  kev-a 21:07 22 Dec 2014

Found out that for some very strange reason this laptop has a card that's maxed out at 75 mbps. So problem solved.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 22 Dec 2014

switch it off and get a dongle

  kev-a 17:45 23 Dec 2014

Yep that's a very good back up but as i now know it's running at the rated speed i can live with it. Maplins do a nice Lynksys one which might end up brought :)

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