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  Bike-it 19:46 14 Nov 2010

My son uses Skype to keep in contact with his girlfriend in America but whenever he is speaking to her the signal from the Billion 7800N router keeps dropping, it is very stable while using it for general browsing and downloading, any ideas as to why this is happening and if we can fix it?

  ashleycardwell94 17:12 05 Dec 2010

i would advise, being a skype user myself, use an ethernet cable or be very close to the router. Packet loss is a problem. Look for Pnp in your router. it will give you priority to other devices for internet speeds

  jtay78 14:39 06 Dec 2010

i use skype all the time to talk to my Mom in Brasil and dad in Auz with Wifi and i have no major probs to be honest! try to change the channel on the router settings for the Wifi IE channel 8 to 9, but only do this if you know what you are doing. seems very strange to get a packet drop all the time.

make sure your not downloading anything.

Hope this helps



  Bike-it 21:53 06 Dec 2010

Ashley it does not matter weather i use a cable or not it still drops.
jtay78 i have tried all the channels on my current and last router and it made no difference, as for downloading i don't download things.

Thanks to you both for your answers.

  dms_05 09:10 11 Dec 2010

I find it depends upon the computer hardware. If I use a laptop with Core2Duo processor then all is fine. If I use a Netbook with Atom processor I have problems similar to the ones you describe. Skype then diagnoses the problem as under powered computer. In both cases I have a built in video cam and built in mic/speakers. My internet connection is running at just under 18 Mbps so that isn't the problem!

  bryaneipstein 06:57 13 Dec 2010

The only time I had problem with my Skype is when my phone line didn't have a DSL filter. Seems to me that the phone interference affects the speed of the connection.

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