wireless signal strength

  bert52a 12:32 11 Apr 2007

I've got a netgear dg834v.2 router.It works fine if Im right next to it but even if I only move across the room the signal is weaker.
I've bee trying to set it up so I can use laptop in an upstairs room.It worked fine yesterday -signal strength was strong enough to listen to internet radio and surf at acceptable speed.Later in the day it really slowed down and today the internet connection keeps showing low signal strength and keeps disconnecting.
Any ideas?

  GEEKSTA 12:45 11 Apr 2007

if your using something like a cordless homephone, that can sometimes come into conflict with you wireless internet,, this happened to me.
Just change that channel of the cordless phone , refer to you instrruction manual.

  bert52a 13:01 11 Apr 2007

I'm not using a cordless phone.Thanks for the suggestion.
I wondered if next door's wireless signal could be interfering but I seem to have the problem even if no other wireless connections/networks(apart from my own) are showing up.

  dms05 14:49 11 Apr 2007

Not all networks broadcast their SSID. The next time you slow down try changing the WiFi channel in your Router. Ideally you should be 5 or 6 channels away from any others. Not always possible - but changing to another channel can often have good results.

You may also be unintentionally logging on to someone elses unencrypted network. You can chose your network as the default and have to specifically logon to any other network. Look in the XP WiFi properties for your adaptor and select your own network.

  Strawballs 16:09 11 Apr 2007

Have you changed the name of your SSID to one that only you will know and does not identify the make of router or yourself? so that you can be sure that you are connecting to your network and it makes it harder for anyone to logon to your router.

  bert52a 20:01 11 Apr 2007

thanks for your help.
How do I locate info about my adapter in XP?
I think I am logged on to my own network.It shows the name I gave it when I hover over it.
Aol told me it's because I'm using a belkin adapter but as Far as I can find out from other sources it is compatible.
I noticed that even walkin a few steps away makes the signal weaker even in the same room.If this is the case how can they claim coverage throughout a home?
Is it just another con?

  woodchip 20:34 11 Apr 2007

Put your Router upstairs and use your comp Wireless Downstairs. I do

  woodchip 20:35 11 Apr 2007

Also try changing your wireless channel to 7 or 11

  LABMAN 20:45 11 Apr 2007

Hi bert52a,

not sure if your using this little programme click here but it shows all the wireless networks in your area and the chanells they are set to allowing you to pick one as far from them as possible.

  bert52a 11:46 12 Apr 2007

I've installed this program and I found my own and 2 other networks but I can't figure out how to find the channels they're using.

  woodchip 14:12 12 Apr 2007

You should not try to connect to another Network, It's Stealing

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