Wireless signal strength

  Newuser1314 11:16 26 Mar 2005

I have a house with thick walls, etc, and need to boost the strength/improve the receptivity of my laptop and desk top computers. I have a 3 Com wireless router, with standard 3 inch aerial rods. Any suggestions, please on how to boost the router's signal strength? Moving the router around is not the option I am looking for!

  spikeychris 14:26 26 Mar 2005

Thick walls are a big issue with wifi connectivity. I rig up networks in pubs etc and some of them have 4 feet thick walls that are a no-no. You say you cant move the router but if you were to place it in the loft it would help a hell of a lot. You could get an access point or a repeater or a Wireless Indoor Antenna click here but if your walls are too thick its pointless. That said have a read of Toms Wireless LAN Performance Improvement page. click here

  Newuser1314 12:13 27 Mar 2005

Many thanks. Interesting articles. I may have a problem, in that my 3Com router does not seem to have removable antennae - but I have not read all the material yet. Anyway, another tick up for PC Advisor and its readers.

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