Wireless Signal

  sonia kent 10:52 27 Jun 2006

I am using a 3com wireless access point to create a wirless network. However the signal is coming and going. I think it may be because the access point is in another room. Is there anythins I can do to boast the signal.

  Nazzarenu Boy 14:45 27 Jun 2006

I dont think that because the access point is in another room is causing the problem.
I think that things that emit wi-fi waves like cordless phones, mobile etc. are causing the problem. See if any of wi-fi wave emiting equipment is near the access point and the desktop pc/laptop/device.

However you can also boost the signal but it is inecessary for your case. This link provides how you can boost your signal : click here

  freaky 20:42 27 Jun 2006

I don't know if this will be of help, but I have a wireless network connecting 3 PC's, one of which is in another room.

Ever since it was installed, there have been spasmodic problems getting a good signal to the PC in the other room - this PC was using a Belkin USB Adaptor. The problem was caused by a poor connection between the adaptor socket and the Antenna - the socket had moved downward into the base. Fixed it a couple of seconds by pushing it up!

  sonia kent 13:42 28 Jun 2006

I have changes tjhe location of the access point to a room where the laptops are used. In this room there are no cordless phones or other devices that may interfere with the access point. However it is still doing the same think with the signal.

Its really puzzling me i can't find anythin to interfere with it.

  ade.h 14:09 28 Jun 2006

You haven't mentioned whether you have changed the channel yet.

  sonia kent 14:21 28 Jun 2006

yea i have changed the channel a couple of times now but it seems to make no difference. Could the problem be that once the laptops login they flood the system....

  ade.h 14:41 28 Jun 2006

No, it's not that. You can theoretically have up to 253 wireless clients, bandwidth permitting. I have seen wireless office networks with 20 or more clients.

  sonia kent 14:56 28 Jun 2006

I am now wonder could it be to do with our server.. The laptops don't seem to be gettin an ip address from the server. Then the signal flucuates..

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