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  jasper69 19:26 27 Jul 2006

Hi there,
I have a toshiba sat. pro m50 and blueyonder cable modem, connected wirelessly through a belkin hi-speed router. The problem im having is that my wireless isnt secure, i can see other properties in the immediate location with wireless and they can obviously see me! It tells me information sent can be viewed etc. and i'd like to secure it. Am i missing something obvious?! I cant see anything that could help me on the laptop (im no whizz though) so any advice is gratefully received.
Thankyou very much!

  FelixTCat 19:49 27 Jul 2006


There are a number of things you can d to prevent others logging on to your wireless network.

The first is to establish some encryption. The best is WPA-PK where you put the same string of letters and numbers in as a key (you must remember it) in each pc, which is used to encrypt each network packet.

If you can't use WPA then use WEP which is similar but less secure.

The second is to hide the SSID so that outsiders have much more difficulty finding your network.

The third is to limit the range of addresses issued by your router's DHCP server to the number that you yourself use (perhaps plus 1 or 2).

The fourth is to limit MAC addresses. Each network adapter has a unique MAC address and most routers will allow you to list those MAC addresses that it can connect to.

Lastly you can set your firewall to exclude any traffic outside your allocated DHCP range.

That should give you an idea of what you can do. There are probably others too.



  ade.h 19:57 27 Jul 2006

Advice on Belkin routers from my own site click here More info will be added as the site develops.

  irishrapter 14:12 28 Jul 2006

Yes go with WPA if you can, if you go here click here this website generates random passwords, use the 63 character set for WPA.

If you can only use WEP encryption then I would suggest you look into getting some new hardware that supports WPA or WPA2. Or at the very least use a 128 bit WEP key and change it every week.
WEP encryption can be broken, I tested that out on my router and can break a 64 bit WEP key in about 15 mins and a 128 bit key in about 45 mins.

Dont use a dictionary password for your WPA encryption as that can be broken too. I also tested a dictionary password with WPA on my router and found the key in about 5 mins.

For more info on wireless security or Penetration testing go here click here

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