Wireless security

  pokemom 18:08 06 May 2006

hi ,i have the bt 2500v router and have a wireless setup ,but when im looking for networks to connect all my nieghbours networks after ther name it say security enabled WPA but after mine even when im not connected it say no WPA after just that its security enabled and im having trouble TRYin to configure it so that it is as safe as possible ,dont get me wrong i still have to put key in to acces my network but its the incryption bit i dont get and how come it only recievs at 56mps when have half m line ? some thing i dont understand that are quite simple im sure ,but the security i have been trying for ages and then it just takes me ages to get connected properly again after TRYin to secure it ,thanks any help truly appreciated

  [email protected] 18:13 06 May 2006

TRy allowing access only via the mac addresses of your pc`s .Encryption will tend to slow down the connection. When you set up for mac address entry only see if your friendly neighbour can gain access.

  mgmcc 08:30 07 May 2006

Your neighbours' networks have WPA encryption enabled, you may be using the older WEP encryption which only shows as security enabled.

<<< how come it only recievs at 56mps when have half m line ? >>>

A "half Megabit" connection has a nominal download speed of 512kbps (kilo-BITS per sec) or 64kBps (kilo-BYTES per sec). On that basis, 56kBps is not too bad a download speed.

While encryption may slow down the speed of your wireless network, it will still run very much faster than your 512kbps broadband connection so there will be no impact on your internet performance. Where it is significant is with file sharing between computers in a Local Area Network.

  mgmcc 08:36 07 May 2006

<<< how come it only recievs at 56mps when have half m line ? >>>

Perhaps, I mis-understood that question. An 802.11g wireless network runs at a nominal speed of 54Mbps (Mega-BITS per second), which is 108 times faster than your 0.5Mbps broadband connection.

  pokemom 21:40 07 May 2006


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