Wireless router/modem security

  stlucia 07:51 26 Apr 2010

I've just installed my Netgear wireless modem/router, and it's working fine. But I'm a little paranoid about security, so can someone reassure me that I've done all that's necessary to prevent someone evesdropping on my signals:

I set up the modem using the supplied Wizard. I've reset the factory password to one of my own, and I've left the security level at the factory setting, WPA-PSK. I've also checked the box which says Turn Access Control On, and I've got nothing listed in the permitted access list.

Is this all I need to do to secure my setup, please?

  bobbybowls 08:09 26 Apr 2010

you could set it up so that only the mac addresses of your computers can access it. you can also choose to not broadcast the wireless name. if people don't know it is there they won't try to connect to it. also try to include caps,lower case and numbers in your password.

  bobbybowls 08:16 26 Apr 2010

sorry forgot the link click here
remove the tick in remove ssid broadcast.then follow instructions for wireless card access setup.

  stlucia 09:01 26 Apr 2010

Thanks, bobbybowls. My computer is connected by the ethernet cable, without wireless, and I have no other wireless devices at the moment so I've left the permitted access list blank. I've now unchecked "Allow broadcast of name". So I should be safe then?

  T0SH 09:25 26 Apr 2010

Dissable the wireless section of your router if you only connect using ethernet

Cheers HC

  stlucia 10:53 26 Apr 2010

Ah, yes, that's the one I need at the moment. Thanks, TOSH, I've done that now.

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