Wireless router and USB adaptor

  [DELETED] 12:04 26 May 2006

I'm trying to set up my PC and daughter's brand-new laptop to share the same broadband connection wirelessly. I bought a Netgear wireless router, and a USB adaptor to minimise the cabling. When I'm trying to set up the router it's prompting me to connect my ethernet cable to the PC. First I don't seem to have an ethernet port on back of my PC. Second, I thought that if I plugged in and installed adaptor I didn't have to use an ethernet cable. Have I got my cables crossed?

  mgmcc 12:18 26 May 2006

It is normally necessary to connect to a router by ethernet cable initially to set it up. This is due to the "chicken & egg" situation - you cannot connect wirelessly because it isn't set up and you cannot set it up because you cannot connect wirelessly. Hence the need to use an ethernet cable.

<<< I don't seem to have an ethernet port on back of my PC >>>

Does your daughter's laptop have an ethernet port? It doesn't matter which computer is used to set things up. Once configured, connections can be totally 'wireless'.

  [DELETED] 13:12 26 May 2006

This is not always the case, I have at times 4 computers in the household including a laptop. I have never used an ethernet cable and do not even own one. The router will talk to the adapter as soon as you turn it on, what you do not get is access to the internet until you have logged your router on to your ISP.

  [DELETED] 13:20 26 May 2006

I presume the laptop is configured for wireless, does it see your wireless network, right click the TV icon and see what is or is not being found. If the laptop sees your router go to your router homepage and log on using the information supplied by your Provider.

  [DELETED] 13:47 26 May 2006

Is this a wireless modem/router.

  mgmcc 13:48 26 May 2006

<<< This is not always the case >>>

Indeed it isn't, but there are *very few* exceptions and it is probably safer to stick to the procedure that is generally applicable. Normally, routers cannot be used "wirelessly" out of the box.

  [DELETED] 14:07 26 May 2006

This is a wireless modem/router

  [DELETED] 14:11 26 May 2006

We've tried doing it through the laptop (it's an Apple Ibook G4) but are completely baffled. Maybe the solution is just to shell out for an ethernet card.

  woodchip 14:24 26 May 2006

You do need to first setup the Router with a Wired PC connection. Is there one on the laptop you can plug it into?

  mgmcc 17:48 26 May 2006

<<< We've tried doing it through the laptop (it's an Apple Ibook G4) but are completely baffled. >>>

Connect the Apple laptop to the router by ethernet cable, open its web browser (presumably "Safari") and in the address bar type This is normally the default IP address of a Netgear router and should open its Setup pages.

If that hasn't worked, open System Preferences and, in the "Internet & Network" section, open the Network applet, which looks like click here Change the "Show" line to "Built-in Ethernet" and configure it with these settings click here

  [DELETED] 11:32 27 May 2006

Many thanks for your help, everybody. I am sending this message via the laptop, having used its ethernet cable to connect with router. How do I configure the main PC to share the connection?

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